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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Dec 15, 2011.

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    background: school has said they have peers to interact with Q. They have had a few times were one met with him then the hospital stuff and then I asked if they were going to still do it. They were supposed to do slow progressive skill building exercises. Last week they said they were going to stop it because he didn't do well. By that they meant that they brought three kids in and one day they hung around his computer and the next they went to the gym. He does not have gym with peers because when he does motor activities he has far less impulse control and far more blurts.

    so, I felt they did nto follow the plan we made (step by step) and I asked that they not discontinue but rather go back to the plan.

    Mr. Sp. Ed actually wrote me back and said I was right and he would just start after a break.

    here is the note I got...

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    You mean the plan actually WORKS?
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    Only took how many backward steps to get it done? I know I am not miss wonderful or anything, but sometimes it is soooo frustrating that I am not heard when it is just really really predictable how wrong things will go.
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    Predictable? No, I don't see any patterns there.


    I hear ya. We got the same lines, for different reasons.
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    Do you think the lawyer calling their bluff about the copies had anything to do with his willingness to LISTEN this time? Just a thought that popped into my ever skeptical mind. There is ALWAYS something behind every tolerable thing these kinds of sd staff do. Glad he's doing it though (not holding my breath since that's some time to pass yet BUT I will pretzel & pray hard).
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    I still think you need a few well placed lightening bolts.
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    I sent my email to him about the peer thing before she got the call from the coordinator. they are in totally different cities/buildings so I dont think she would have called him...not over that...but who knows. No, this is the guy that really I do believe is a good guy. BUT he is under the principal and no matter what he thinks, he ends up following the directive of the principal. But even the last two years...HE was the one who did follow thru and listen and change consequences once he heard my perspective. He often was the one who suggested more appropriate things to the principal and then the principal would agree. But ever since Q yelled AT the principal, that is when things changed. This is personal to him. But mr sp ed....?? he is married to a psychologist at the autism program Q went to and I worked in.... I think he gets a better perspective than others. He just doesn't have the training to think before he does things and that is what happened with this peer thing.

    Lia, if you have the connections... I am all for it
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    persevere... it is the only thing that works. Administrations tend to be thick-headed just like our difficult children. They need to be reminded over and over again.