Encouragement from the School! (m)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JulienSam, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Our neighborhood elementary school's PFO had a panel last night on Children's Mental Health. Unfortunately, it wasn't well attended, but husband & I were there and I'm so encouraged by the things I heard.

    Sam won't attend this particular school until 1st grade (our District has separate centers for Kindergarten & preschool), but I wanted to see what I could expect once he gets there.

    First, the principal seems so forward thinking -- very open-minded that children can be handicapped by emotional/mental issues. in my elementary days, I think kids like my son would have simply been labeled troublemakers and treated as such.

    There are such great supports available between the assistant principal, resource teacher, on-site full-time therapist, as well as other staff available throughout the district.

    I was really encouraged when the principal discussed their efforts to work with collaborative problem solving with all their students -- The Explosive Child came to mind!

    I recently heard that all the staff of the Kindergarten/preschool program were given a copy of The Explosive Child as well as special training -- even if Sam doesn't qualify for IEP, there will be supports available to help him (that was something I was really concerned about).

    As a newbie to all of this, it was nice to have the administration reach out with this information. :)
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    That is amazing. Helps build confidence, I am sure. Meanwhile, our district is facing 8-10% budget cuts for next year. One of the things on the chopping block--extra help for special needs kids. Sigh.