End of school--positive or negative?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jannie, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    I was just wondering how everyones difficult child handles the summer. Personally, I think I prefer my kids going to school than being off in the summer. They tend to do really well within the stucture of the school day. When they come home they fall apart. For us the hardest part of the year is waking up early in the morning and/or finishing up the homework.

    My kids do well with camp (but it is very expensive)! So either they are happy at camp and/or they are miserable at home doing nothing.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the summer !!

    My difficult child 1 has joined the swim team. I really hope he sticks with it and enjoys it. My only concern and it is a big concern is that this is his first year and he is not very good. He will need to accept now winning,
  2. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    My difficult child is serving his first "suspension" from summer camp tomorrow. So, largely, its not any different than school.

    I have no idea what we'll do if he gets booted out of camp, so I'm a bit panicky right now.

    He says he is missing his teachers and aides. So who knows.
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    School, definitely. Sis has only been home from her boarding school since Saturday, and she's already had one meltdown. In front of her school friends that were visiting, though. Agh.

    To be fair, however, it was FAR from the worst one she's ever had, and afterward she was willing to talk it through with Mom. Mom asked her whether she would have reacted the same at school, and Sis said no. She said that being at home, her auto-response is to melt down, and she "forgot" that it "isn't how she reacts to things anymore". So there's a little glimmer of hope.

    She has also, thank god, agreed to go to camp in two weeks, for two weeks. That'll help. At some level, I feel a little bad that we "send her off" so much, but she's doing so much better away from home. I know there are a lot of families with multiple addresses here, so it seems to be more normal for difficult children. Camps and school keep her busy and structured. Home lets her get bored, and lonely, I think, and that makes her nuts.
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    Well, this year - SUMMER! Because my difficult children last day of school is today! WAHOO!! She graduates in a few weeks. No more phone calls from the school, no more nurse calls telling me she can not get difficult child to come taker her medication, no more IEP meetings, no more stressed out calls from difficult child!

    Most years I hated summer because it was so hard to find something for her to do. Thank goodness for Gmas! LOL!
  5. ML

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    I agree that the school routine tends to bring out the best in my difficult child. But the lack of homework and hustle and bustle is better for me.

    I hope difficult child enjoys the swimming. Manster did ok once he got in the water but dragging him there kicking and screaming at times "not fun". He also had trouble submerging his head in the water, maybe because of his allergies or sensory stuff.

    Happy Summer!
  6. robinm1922

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    I am so ready for summer! difficult child's school gets out one week from today. My last day of work before my summer starts is next Tuesday, I work for a fantastic company that allows me to take the summer off. I figure I have maybe two more summers that way before difficult child graduates and I no longer need them off. I am SO ready for school to be out. I won't know until Friday next week, her last day, if she has passed the school year or not.
    This has been a year I wouldn't want to repeat. Still new to the depression issue difficult child went into crisis two months into the school year and I didn't know it until she her report card came home a month later. I had no idea medications can poop out but it did big time. It took most of the school year and a new psychiatrist to get her straightened out. So this year was a learning year for me. Now she has had Neuro psychiatric testing done, a 504 put into place, a new psychiatrist, and new medications.
    The medication change has been great, there is a little room for improvement but we are saving that for the start of the school year next year.
    Pass or fail this year she has worked her behind off this last quarter and I pray everyday that she is able to pull it off.
    Anyone wanting to throw in a few for me that would be great! Could use all the help we can get.

    So for me summer is going to be a great time to decompress, no summer school this year either way. Even though the school doesn't really agree, we have too much planned this summer but difficult child knows if she doesn't pass this year nothing will be planned for next year because I want her to graduate with her friends which means summer school next summer. Sure hope not!
    Opps yet another post that went on way to long from me.
    Thanks to all of you for your advice and support this year!
  7. Lothlorien

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    The school routine is the best, but homework and the running around for all the extracurricular activities takes a toll and the summer is a welcome break. However, camp starts only a few days after school is over, so I am grateful for that. I don't think I could deal with the entire summer of having to entertain difficult child. Even the weekends are rough, because if she doesn't have something specific to do, a friend over or somewhere to go, she's miserable or acts out.

    I work from home, so it's difficult for me to entertain them all the time when they are home, so I need the summer camp....but at least there is no homework and we still have time for the pool after camp (that is if this goshdern weather would warm up some).
  8. threebabygirls

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    It's def a negative around here, as far as difficult child is concerned. I'm hoping once she adjusts she'll mellow a bit, okay a lot, so we shall see.