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My 11 yr old son's evaluation from the hospital psychologist is done. The Dr did a whole battery of tests. With this info he is willing to go to the school with me and present the info to them and see what kind of modifications we can make to his IEP. At this point he has a diagnosis of ADHD and ODD and these test give us the specific learning disability areas and well as strengths.

The report indicated the diagnosis is two specific Learning Disabilities,known as Reading Disorder and Disorder of Written Expression. As these diagnoses imply, N's
reading and written language skills are significantlylower than what would be expected from a child of N's age and intellectual functioning.

Working Memorv Index 21st percentile.
Perceptual Reasoning Index 50th percentile
Processina Speed Index 58thpercentile

N scored within the Superior-to-Very Superior range (95th- 99.9thpercentiles) on
tasks measuring selective attention, Average range (30th - 50thpercentiles) on tasks that required to learn a set of rules and then adjust to rule changes, Low Average-to Average range (16th- 25thpercentiles) on tasks that required him to focus on two sources of information simultaneously (divided attention).
N scored within the Average range on a task requiring him to inhibit his impulses
(25thpercentile) although it is important to note that this was a neutral, rather than a personally-relevant task which. Observations of N throughout the assessment
lead me to speculate that he would be less successful at behaviour inhibition if the issue was personally-relevant

N's scores on sustained attention tasks ranged from Borderline range to the
Averagerange(5th- 25thpercentiles).

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Second Edition lWIATII

Reading Decoding O.5th percentile
Reading of Nonsense Words 9th percentile
Reading Comprehension Discontinued (he could not do this task)
All reading abilities combined: Cannot Calculate

Math Calculations 58th percentile
Mathematical Reasoning 68th percentile
All math abilities combined 63rd percentile

Spelling 7th percentile
Written Expression 12th percentile
All writing abilities combined 2nd percentile

I could use some ideas as to what kind of thighs need to be put in place for him beyond the small class placement and EA that he already has going on. They don't see to have a real concrete plan to help him learn that carries from the small class into the larger class. They also have some new stupidity in French this year that means he must learn hand sugnals as well as french works. The Dr said that these kinds of multi-tasking activities are not good for him because he can't manage processing infomation like that.

It was so hard to see it all on paper like that. I can home and cried for quite a while. I asked the Dr. what he thought the outcome for all this is for N's future. He was really dismal and really thinks it is going to be terribly hard for him to get through high school. I refuse to accept that for him. I failed the first 3 yrs of school because I could not read. I went on to get a college diploma and I am now starting my 4th yr of university (online no less) Someone tell me how to help this difficult child so that he can acheive.


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From my experience children who have diagnosis ie adhd, bipolar should not be diagnosed odd. Usually in this case the odd is due to the disability not being treated correctly or the child isn't getting the proper supports. I would ask to have that removed. Also schools from what I understand do not have to do anything for ODD as that is considered a behavioral issue.


I know very little about Canada's school system except that they do have some type of provision for an IEP.

If you were in the USA, I'd advise you to focus on related services such as Speech-Language Therapy (for written expression), dyslexia intervention, specific reading instruction, if appropriate, and use accommodations as a means of support.

Accommodating a problem and remediating it is not the same thing.

I have quite a bit of info on reading that I can post later. In the interim, I believe there is info on reading problems in the Special Education Archives.

Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate is a very helpful resource. It givens parents information they need to begin to understand scores and percentile rates in evaluation reports. http://www.wrightslaw.com/advoc/articles/tests_measurements.html


Your evaluation report should have a recommendations section for intervention and/or remediation. What does it say?

There are also some additional threads in the archives regarding evaluation reports.


In the Untied States, schools are very fond of BEHAVIORAL issues and shy away from wanting to serve emotional problems due to potential expense.

The only way that ODD is not a label under BD (which is a service category) is if the school decides the child is "socially maladjusted." It is S.M. that is an automatic bar from Special Education serices but ODD is not.

I do not know the details of Canadian law but we have several Canadian members and perhaps one of them cna be more helpful.