Every day is a Rollercoaster

Hi All,

I have not been posting very often lately, and I apologize to all the new members that I have not personally welcomed to the group. I have been so frustrated and discouraged by my difficult child #2s "issues". Plus I keep waking up every two hours all night long - having to empty my bladder. I am so very tired. I just don't have the energy to post many responses.

difficult child #2 has been on a rollercoaster with his anxieties and moods. Some days he is too terrified to go to school and curls up in a chair with his stuffed doggy and a blanket over his head. And other days he heads out with no problems. When he is home - the slightest thing will set him off with an explosive response and five minutes later he will be perfectly calm. Sometimes he will be will jump up and do any chore that I ask him to - and then he will refuse to do the slightest little thing. He goes from being depressed to bouncing off the walls.

I know that puberty is probably aggravating his moods. He IS seeing a therapist now - and will have a psychiatrist appointment the end of this month. I finally got the school to figure out that he HAS an IEP and that it needs to be updated. That meeting will be next week. difficult child #2 has failed Math and gotten a D in Science. Every day (that he actually gets to school) he comes home with a story about a fight he saw, or someone pushed him, or someone said something awful to him.

I know that I have been slacking on getting him the help he needs. I am just so tired and discouraged that I have to do all this again - for my second difficult child. I just feel so alone. I am sick and tired of walking on eggshells, and pushng the SD, and setting up appointments, and arranging transportation, and stretching every dollar, and on and on and on - taking care of everyone and everything else.

I know that things will be getting better - in time. I'm not so depressed that I can't see a better future. I just wish I could JUST take care of my own health issues for a change.

Thanks for letting me whine a little.


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Whine away dear.

There is a new medication on the market for the bladder thing. Have you checked into the possiblity of it helping you? Non caffiene drinks in the evening, and minimumize your fluid intake after supper ought to help some. Not sleeping can sure zap the crap out of your energy and endurance levels for sure.

I felt the same way about N when it became evident her issues could no longer be ignored. I had a heck of a time summing up the umph to start it all again with another kid.

Be good to yourself.


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Oh Sweetie,
You have a lot on your plate right now and when you're not feeling good yourself along with not being well rested it makes it that much more difficult. I'm sorry things are so rough. Have you seen a dr. about your bladder? Please be sure to take care of you which I know isn't easy when a difficult child is in full gear. Hugs.


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You know the old saying 'when mom is happy, everyone is happy' - it is true. Take care of you first so you can be in prime shape to take care of everything else. It sometimes seems impossible - but it is necessary for you to be healthy.