Every Now And Then I Do It Right

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Jan 2, 2012.

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    The kids got up and difficult child told easy child that he would make breakfast for him. The next thing I know I hear difficult child yelling that he won't make anything for easy child and that easy child is lucky that he even put the water on for his tea. I called easy child out of the kitchen and told him that I would help him with breakfast. Then I callled difficult child up and asked him why he was so upset. He told me that he wanted to play with easy child today, but easy child said that he was going to be spending all day with dad practicing hockey and that no one even considered that difficult child would want time with easy child. Now, I know that this is not what easy child said, and that if he did say it that is not what he meant. Mostly because I know that husband is not going to spend all day practicing with anyone. I told difficult child that I understood what he was saying, that I got is concern, and that I would help both of them to get it staightened out.

    Ten minutes later I got difficult child to see that his interpretation of the what easy child said was a minunderstanding and they are both plahying happily (and quietly) now. I love it when I can get to him before he completely spins out of control.
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    That is great Bunny. I love when issues can be caught and stopped before they get out of hand. Congrats.
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    Way To Go! DDD
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    Niiiiiice! I know it gives me hope when I see a situation that previously would have been disastrous actually turn out well and that maybe some learning has taken place for next time. :you_go_girl:
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    You are quite right to feel a sense of achievement. Dealing with a difficult child takes a lot of skill and patience. It, like any skill, takes a lot of practice to master (and perfect mastery is never achieved in this field, one feels).
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    It is a great feeling-enjoy:)
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    Thank you!!

    I think what helped was that I was able to get to him before he spun completely out of control and he was still able to hear me. Once he gets too far gone there is no talking to him.

    Hopefully, this will be the start of a trend.
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    Yes, Bunny -
    That's how its been for most of us.
    Get lucky, something goes well... and then we analyze it and get a lesson and apply going forward.
    Little by little, we figure these difficult children out... (well, sometimes more than others! LOL)