example of a "normal" evening...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, May 2, 2012.

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    This is actually a "good" evening. No meltdowns... (at least not the kids! :)

    After difficult child got home from school I called and asked about homework and she said she
    had some math and some social studies homework. Finally about 7pm I got her to
    start work on them (It was after 5 when I got home from work... then there was
    supper, etc) She works on things for about 20 minutes then starts a shower. I
    ask her if she is done and she says she is done with her math. I ask about
    social studies... well she left it in her locker. At this point we are talking
    thru the bathroom door... I see some math sheets on her bed that aren't
    completed. I take them to her and she says she doesn't need to do them. What?
    That can't be right... Well then it is ... I don't know how to do them so I
    can't do them. SO I suggest that we look at them together. She says she will
    come down after her bath.

    Bath over... remind her to put on PJ's and come down. Ten minutes later... are
    you coming down? Oh, I forgot. Comes down - goes to kitchen. 5 minutes later
    is finally done getting a drink. I say, lets look at some of the problems. Oh!
    I forgot the math sheets. Goes upstairs for them. I remind her to come back
    down a few minutes later. She comes down stairs with the math sheets. Goes to
    kitchen and fills up a water bottle. Back to the sofa with water bottle and
    math sheets. She gets up to get a pencil. Back to sofa. Gets up and hunts for
    calculater. Can't find one. Uses the one on my computer. I get up, find the
    calculator. It is now officially time for bed.

    Let her stay up 30 minutes to work on it - as it took 30 minutes to get ready to
    work on it. She thinks she understands it. I don't know if she does... but the
    paper (at least the one she brought home!) is finally done.

    And people wonder why I am turning gray. Mary
  2. family mum

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    Yup. Everything takes sooooo much effort, doesn't it?
    And yet, congrats on an evening well managed!
  3. TerryJ2

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    That sounds sooooo familiar! At least she did *some* of her homework. My difficult child has a meltdown if I even say the word "homework." :(
  4. ksm

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    I guess I should have said homework and meltdowns are usually our normal! This was a better normal.... KSM