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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Dec 30, 2010.

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    for difficult child. When he was in the facility out of state they helped him fill out his FAFSA but now that he is in independent living and not a ward of the state things changed and he can't find anyone up there to help him correct it. I can't cause I don't have the information from the college. He was suppose to call me today but did not. I was hoping to get my sister in law to help me fix it since she is the one who helped us with easy child's. I pray he gets it fixed so that he can start in January.
    Things seem to be working themselves out with the worker there -so thats good. We haven't made plan to go visit yet.
    GOOD NEWS--I got a job. I start on Monday. Thank the Lord.
    Step son is suppose to come tomorrow and all of us are suppose to go up to see step daughter and grandbaby (yeah) on Saturday but we will see if the weather holds out.
    husband is over at sister in laws house now. They put the carpet in yesterday so they are unloading the POD of furniture into the house so that it can be picked up and they wont have to pay for it another month. She came home last night so exhausted. I feel for her. Things are great with us here at the house as long as my brother isn't here. I am sure that she is tired of not having her own place though. She is anxious to get moved in to her house. I can't blame her.
    Hope you all have a fun and SAFE New Years!!! Thanks for all the help over this past year!!:wine:
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    Congrats on the job, great way to start the new year!
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    Is he trying to change his info for this year or next? Depending on the cut off dates, he can simply file a corrected FAFSA online...at least that's how I did it when I was in school a few years ago. You could do it for him, if you have his social and PIN. You should be able to log into their system and make the necessary corrections online. If he filed a paper FAFSA, then I'm not sure if you can assess the information online or not.
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    Thank you. Yes he is just trying to correct the one online but I do not have his pin. He attempted to fix it once and got all of the tax info changed but it is still showing him as a ward of the state.
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    Hexemaus is right. As long as you have his PIN (you should have one too) you can do it online. Also, financial aid offices are wonderful and the FAFSA.gov website has tons of information. Good luck!