Fake lotion...NOT GOOD!!!


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I have just recently ordered the Feingold diet (still waiting for whole program) but have started her on a rough "okay" list of foods.

She has been so great, I just love to be around her. So focused, calm, etc.

When I came to get her from daycare I found out that she was given some "chocolate lotion". I was on alert as I feel that some "artificially flavored" lotion set her off last week before picture taking.

Sure enough, she was miserable all evening!!! She was out of control, sad, mad, unconsolable and very agitated. It was awful to watch and yet it made me also realize just how good she HAS been doing and also made me aware that she just might have a pretty severe sensivity.

Has anyone else experienced this type of reaction to external (although internal when it gets absorbed into the skin) synthetic type stuff?

My friend is allergic to propylene glycol, whether it be in foods or lotions. She has to be very careful. They put it in things like diet salad dressing to make it creamier.


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yep all kinds of stuff. The list of 30 things difficult child is allergic/senitive/intollerant to cant be ingested, touched etc...

i.e. kids that are on gluten free are not supposed to play with playdough.. contains flour!

When difficult child goes to school I send a ton of replacement items i.e. modeling clay instead of playdough, her own soap and hand towels that I wash because she is hyper sensitive to the soap and breaks out with the paper towels..can't forget the macaroni art.. wheat.. replaced it with rice pasta.

honestly I would have her tested for allergies/intolegences to give you a baseline of what to restrict.

I would also send a letter to the school (certified) letting them know of her diet and that she can't be exposed (in any form) to those substances until furhter testing can be completed. You will probably need the support of a DR sooner or later.

good luck