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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Mar 14, 2008.

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    I was so proud of difficult child. I would put his pills in a dish and he would take them. Or so I thought. I found about 5-7 doses under his mattress. I do not think it was all in a row, as I did watch him take his pills every once in a while. I just feel so stupid for actually believing he was taking them. He is 10, I am the adult, I should know better. No wonder the melatonin has not been working lately , he has not been taking it!!!! I did e-mail psychiatrist and let him know, but man do I feel dumb. I had seen him lately tell his cousin and friend that he takes a patch for ADHD, so I thought he was accepting the fact he had to take medications. Maybe not, huh???

    I will watch him swallow them now, even check his mouth to make sure they are gone. PS2 is gone for a week also.
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    Well, we sometimes trust our kids until they prove us wrong. Don't feel stupid about it. He's lost some ground with you, and now he'll have to try get some of that trust back. He's the one losing because now you'll probably end up questioning a lot more of what he does. I know when my kids get caught out like this one way, I start to wonder what other wool they might be trying to pull over my eyes.
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    Better to know now, at this age, than to have it happen for years and find out about it then.

    Do you know what he did with the medications he did not take? Is there a chance he traded them for something, or sold them? I would want to know.

    It will be good for him to see you mean business. To ahve to work to earn trust and privileges. Not fun for you, but good for him.

    Don't feel too bad. You set up a system, it didn't work, you know it now, you can set up a new system.


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    No, I do not think he traded or sold them, he put them all under his bed, or at least as far as I know. I sure hope he didn't, I don't want to ask him because then if he did not I just gave him an idea. I also have not way to tell if he told the truth.
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    Not stupid - smarter! At least now you know what's going on and handling it appropriately. It's not like they come with rulebooks (OH I wish!!!!!!!!) We always have to try to be one step ahead of difficult child. Sometimes we are and sometimes difficult child gets there first. I commend you for being on your toes - keep at it!!