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    Ok I forgot to mention yesterday that when we got to the court house that the press were there. Thankfully they didn't stay in our court room though. We couldn't figure out why but we were thankful none the less. When I watched the news last night I figured it out. The teen boy in the court room upstairs was a higher profile case. He had killed a 2 year old out in the county. So the press wanted that story more.

    Of course T had to wait for this other kid though as they both went to the same place. The State Training School. Now I don't want to ask what they are training them for because I already know. How to be crimminals in adult life.

    Today we got a call from there. His first week is assessment. Then they will send us a packet telling us when his first staffing will be. Then we were informed that we can not call and talk to T. We either have to except collect calls :money::faint:Or we have to send money for him to call us. Now this is the first thing that T told his dad. The courtesy call was cut off. I told husband that I am not sure I like that. Well ok yes I am sure I don't like that. Again this is reminiscent of jail. So I asked husband if he was planning on sending money right away. He said he wasn't sure. I told him that was a bad idea. He needs to earn that as far as I am concerned. He has to go through this week of assessment and I think he needs to concentrate on that and not on calls home.

    His new counselor called us and talked briefly. He is just the assessment counselor. When he gets to his cottage then he will get a permanent one. So we filled him in on a few things. Do you know the one thing that is his biggest trigger wasn't in any of the reports. You know I can't tell you how many people we have started the conversation with...We love our son but we are realistic because of .................fill in any and all things we can let them know. We also informed him that we are very involved. He said I can see that from the reports we got. That intrigued me. Can't imagine what is being said about our involvement.

    Got a hold of our attorney a few minutes ago. He hasn't recieved anything yet but he will check on things on Tuesday when he is at the court house. So I guess I don't know much more at this point just that we are in a holding pattern on things.

    Another day another let down.

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    I am so sorry. I hate the collect call thing.

    It is a mercy that the press were not there for you. SOrry I have been gone this last week. flu has had me down.

    Sending hugs, and prayers that at some point difficult child can turn it around.


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    Beth, you are so amazingly strong it is incredible. I really mean that. You are going through such an awful situation, and handling it with a grace that is inspiring.

    Hang in there..........and we will keep those prayers and positive thoughts going your way.
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    Just wanted to offer more support- you're doing all you can throughout a very difficult situation that would have sent most parents running. You are to be commended- give yourself a break!