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  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Earlier this summer, cgfg missed out on a volleyball "camp" because her mom wouldn't pay for it and cgfg didn't have enough money. Which is all well and good, I'm all for kids paying for things, except mom is too worried about cgfg seeing us "more than allowed" (there is no "limit - joint custody) and in her efforts to prevent that, basically allows cgfg to do nothing. She can't babysit, go to friends' houses, have friends over, get a part time job, or do anything to earn money. So...knowing her mother spends a buttload of money on flea market junk, it made me a little angry that she can't fork out $50 for her kid to have a chance at doing something fun and getting some exercise.

    Anyway...there is another camp this week and cgfg knew she would be at our house so wanted to go. She has money here, but I would have paid for part of the camp for her, anyway, just to give her something to do. I asked her if she was still going...she said no. She'd talked to the coach to find out what it cost and learned she's not eligible due to her grades last quarter.

    FINALLY....a flippin' consequence. Not that I'm happy that she can't play ball....but...finally, someone is enforcing the rules that school has imposed.

    (and I think there's plenty of instances where a kid should not be kept from sports due to grades...but if they're gonna have the rule? they need to enforce it.)
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I nearly fainted......SO how upset IS CGFG? And how more LIKELY is she to go home and tell one Broom that YOU are the reason she can't go $$$ and make her MOTHER find a way to get her in so that YOU end up driving her anyway.

    I'm just saying with this family - there's bound to be a LOOP hole to hang themselves with.
  3. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    She doesn't seem happy. She had been going, last quarter, to Sunday practices to try to get on the team this fall.

    Oh, trust me...I don't buy much of what cgfg says, 'specially 'bout her mama. At least what she says to us in conversation she carries on 'bout her mama.

    its the things she says when the conversation is about something entirely different that I garner info from. That and other people. Like the friends who's parents have tried to invite her over numerous times that mama says no to, or the lady who wanted cgfg to babysit, and said her mom wouldn't let her, or the parents of the friends invited to the birthday party at her mom's that say "ain't no way in hades my kid is going there...", and then the one parent that finally did let her kid go there once... That's where info come from.

    As for going home and tellin' mama a story? You can bet your bottom dollar, Starbie... You do know that I don't feed her breakfast, right? Ever?

    But regardless of the he said/she said stuff? Cgfg knows she can't play ball and its her own &*$# fault. Don't really care how it happened, just glad it finally did.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    You know -

    The days that you DO have her? You may want to EMAIL her MAMMA.....and send like a little "REPORT" of

    Breakfast - bacon, eggs, wheat toast....oj, 1% milk. CGCG ate well.

    Lunch - Hamburger, pickles, fries.......CGFV didn't want to eat - set her plate in the microwave

    Supper - Beefaroni, peas, milk, tatertots...

    Dinner - Steak corn, baked tater.....

    And then just a cap of activities,
    GOod behavior -

    and whether you hit SEND or not????? Know what I mean??
    But DO show CGFG that this CAN happen.
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    Ah, hades, Starbie. It ain't worth my time.

    When I had a black and white report of work not turned in and her school attendance record in hand, she (ie Mama, not cgfg) accused me of manufacturing stuff and just looking for ways to get cgfg in trouble. She had a computer to validate the info I had, or a school to go to, but that's the way she chooses to handle it.

    And we can't communicate with each other about cgfg (straight from mama's mouth) because he new hubby "doesn't allow relationships with ex'es" and she "had to hide from him to have (that) conversation with (me)". We can't even communicate on if cgfg's grounded from video games at her mom's or has something she has to do on the weekend, or anything of the sort because that would mean we would have to talk.

    Not kidding.

    Its not worth my time and its been much better if I just pretend that she falls off the edge of the earth when she leaves our home. lol

    But cgfg "getting away" with all the "stuff" at school that's supposed to be "rules" that are not only not enforced but blatantly ignored frustrates me cause cgfg IS a kid that WILL work to get the rewards. If she has to.
  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Oh, and cgfg knows her mama will go to great lengths to believe her stories about big bad me. And cgfg plays it to the hilt.

    Funny thing, tho, cgfg does like me. I'm the one that rides 3 nights a week. So she does watch her p's and q's just a tad.