finally got pyschdoc appointment!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Sep 8, 2010.

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    yup after i dont' know how many calls and how many mos. i finally got an appointment with- a provider with whom takes the insurance. i'm hoping i like him. i have a mtg. tuesday alone with-him, than thursday with-her if i like him.

    I cant' tell you what it was like, i'm sure many of you have played the game. Summer is not the time to be looking for a doctor that i'll say, half were away on vacation, the other percentage didnt' take our insurance, weren't accepting new patients, she was too young for their practice. it was unreal.

    his english is a bit rough, here's hoping, just want to be able to communicate with-him. he sounds nice enough.

    So, i'm somewhat relieved... help is on the way. and wed. i have team mtg. set up at school with-all her teacher's.

    she told me today ya know mom i wouldnt' mind being homeschooled i think it would be cool to not have to deal with-all that during the day...... :tongue:
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    That is great, Jena! I can't wait to hear a positive update soon.
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    Good news about the psychiatrist. I hope that he meshes with you and difficult child and that you can finally get her medications pinned down.

    As for homeschooling, I looked into it but opted against it for my oldest boy because I felt that he needed to be around other kids. I did send him to a BOCES alternative HS for grades 10 - 12 and that was great but homeschool was not for me.

    I don't know if, based on what you've said, homeschooling would be best for your situation. If you find a job and have to stop during the middle of the school year, that would disrupt her. She might not cooperate and NY is strict about testing and results for homeschoolers so she'd need to be doing passing work. I would continue to look at the BOCES schools in case she can't maintain at the district school. I don't know the ones in Suffolk like I do the Nassau ones so I can't make any recommendations but I am sure that you could call and visit them. I visited a couple in my county on my own by calling and explaining that I was thinking of asking my SD to refer but wanted to visit first. I went back to one with H and difficult child when he was in 6th grade. The rubber room apparently scared him into submission since he's now an 11th grade honor student.

    Anyway, maybe the psychiatrist can give you insight into what type of school setting might have the best chance of giving her FAPE.
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    Goods news about the psychiatrist. I know how frustrating that can be and have been thru the seemingless endless calls till you find someone. I hope you like psychiatrist!
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    Congrats! Fingers crossed.

    I would never homeschool. I would lose my mind. Maybe you're stronger than I am ...
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    its a shame her old pyschiatirst dropped us and gave absolutely no reason why. he would always get frustrated by the way the medications would work with-her. how everything always had the opposite effect. he always said tis' a complex case blah blah.

    doctors really need to think out of the box it seems to me as many of us all too many times have to.

    as far as homeschooling i'm not ready to give in yet. now she's got this new problem with eating food, yet i feel in my gut that school, interaction, pushing herself each day is what is best for her. and terry yea i'd def have to do yoga twice a week to survive that. plus she'd cling to me more than she does now. bipolar or no bipolar she has to learn to be a functioning individual, ya know...