Finally on the right track!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by AprilH, Mar 6, 2008.

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    So I was at the County Mental Health office this morning for about two hours filling out paperwork and asking/answering questions. The counselor that is being assigned to us seems to be the sweetest woman I have ever met...(I think I may hold her hostage in my house when things get bad HAHA!) She is going to start an intervention plan with me and thank you's school. For us here in the house, she is going to come and visit twice a week, and during the school day, when my son is starting to get 'funky', she is going to come to his school and help his teacher redirect him and get him back on track and in his classroom instead of the kindergarten class that they always moved him to before. Sounds great on paper, I's to hoping this plan works!

    Also, they have a respite program here too for when I (or thank you) get to the point where we have had enough of each other, he can pack a weekend bag and spend a few days there as a 'cooling off' break...YAY!!!! I think the idea of going to a group home has Tyler ****ting in his pants too. He asked me twice this morning at the bus stop if he was going there, and he also told his teacher too. Must have worked, because he has had a good day yesterday and today at school. :laughing:
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    Glad you are on the right track!

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    good for you

    Jen :)
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    Good for you April! Boy, If I had a weekend respite option, I'd been packing my difficult child 1's bags tonight.....frustrating day for us, hoping tomorrow will be better.