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    Today will be the last day of my 2nd week at the candle factory.

    First thing I've got to say is............I am so thankful I did all that yard work manually instead of with gas powered tools, glad I walked 2 miles a day with the dogs......or I'm not sure I'd have made it. Sleeping, also, is not an issue. I come home, love on the dogs a few mins, hop in a hot shower, and die in my bed for 6 hrs. lol

    I've got my own line now and won't get pulled unless the line goes down or there is severe need for me somewhere else. Turns out to be the same line Nichole worked. Only stinky thing about being on a line instead of patio (newbie area) is that breaks/lunch rotates. I was first yesterday.......and was on break by 7pm, lunch at 8:20, last break at 11:20.......and that messes up your night. Thankfully we were told to rotate jobs every hour so I got to move a LOT..... otherwise that whole last break at 11:20.......well, those last hours would've been hard just standing in place. I don't mind most of the people.

    There is this one woman I kept winding up working with. She is loud, mouthy, crass, and cusses a blue streak........she's been there 7 months, not hired permanent because she has a temper. Can't say I cared much for her even though she reminds me of my older sister......except older sis is less crass and more funny/happy. First day I met J was when I was loading glass onto the belt. She was royally ticked off and making sure everyone in the area knew it. We have to toss bad glass. There is a bin that sits behind the glass loader (cuz they're supposed to hand it to me to toss) She kept throwing it at me......well, at the bin but not being careful about it and basically throwing it right at me. I bawled her out, told her to at least tell me to duck, I didn't need a face full of glass thanks. She apologized.......but wound up throwing and not watching and the glass came back and cut up another girl who was near the bin. She got written up and sent home. (lucky she didn't get fired on the spot) I've worked with her a couple other times too.

    I kept thinking to myself as she aggravated stop having those thoughts as with my luck she'd wind up making me change my mind. Sure enough, she did, last night. I'd not loaded glass on glass line 1 before. It's a 3 slot belt and you have to keep that glass touching, no gaps. There, of course, is a trick to it. When it came my time to do it......the girl on it did not show me what to do even though I asked, actually acted like I was a moron for asking. So I did my best........and had issues. J was making skids not far from me, saw me in trouble and every time she had the chance came and helped me out. Second turn at loading glass.......she realized I wasn't catching on and told me the trick (it's like dropping shots, doesn't mean anything to you but sure did to me lol ). Then helped me get caught up again. I did pretty well after that. I thanked her. J said she was glad to help, she hates it when people forget that new people haven't done everything so don't necessarily know wth they're doing when they start a new type job and they leave them hanging/drowning trying to figure it out on their own.

    So there ya go. LOL Not many people like this lady and even less can get along with her. Experience with difficult children can pay off once in a while. I had a feeling she'd wind up pulling my butt out of the fire, and she did. LOL

    Can't say I care for putting on lids. These are the ones with the plastic stoppers. start off thinking it's not a big deal if you have the upper body strength to do it. (I do thank god) but 45 mins into it and you are ready to walk out of the plant, you have to literally talk yourself into keeping it up for that last 15 mins. Killer on the wrists / shoulders. We'll just say I lidded over a thousand candle jars last night and leave it at that. My wrists hurt this morning and I may have to do it again tonight.

    I like making skids. Good physical work and I get to move my whole body. Supervisor showed me how to do it properly, hovered a few mins to make sure I had the idea and then left me alone. I think it's fun. And yes, that got me some odd looks. lol Not many people like making skids. Due to the weight of the boxes, however, I'm not sure I could yet do it for 10 hrs straight, although I wasn't tired after an hour or even two. Nor did it leave me sore.


    When you buy a candle at walmart, dollar tree, the dollar stores, or a Calvin Klein candle.........think of me. Odds are I probably had something to do with the making of that candle. :)

    We've lost a lot of newbies over the past 2 amazing amount honestly. I just don't find it a hard job, somewhat physically demanding especially at first, but certainly not hard. It's thursday and I can still move, walk ect ok this week. I didn't expect to be at this point until end of next week. Sort of glad there is no overtime this weekend........I'm in serious need of catching up with yard work. Already told Katie I'll be coming and fetching them to help me out.

    Next week I'm going to start working on my supers for overtime. I seriously need it........and asking, almost begging, is the way to get it right now while things are not quite so crazy. I think by next week I ought to be able to deal with it.

    Oh......last week they unknowingly gave us "dirty" water to drink. They pulled the water people the moment the boil order was in effect.......but yeah. I've been fighting diarrhea since last thurs......popping pills to get through the night without having to run to the bathroom. omg

    I am dropping weight again. 6 more lbs are gone..........and I'm now digging out my skinniest clothes, of which I don't have many because honestly I never thought I'd get into them again with the fluid retention issues. I'm in a 12 jeans (would be smaller but Travis gave me big hips) and medication/small other clothes are either hanging on me or falling off. I am going to have to yard sale tomorrow and see if I can't find me cheap clothes. Having to pull up your pants all night is not fun......and no I don't own a belt, it seems to have vanished. Even my undies don't want to stay up.

    Reminds me, what you laugh yourselves silly?

    Last night I was thrilled to have found a size 12 jeans to wear thinking I'd not have to pull them up all night. (did end up having to a little bit and that is what caused the problem) So I'm working away at the end of the night. Suddenly my undies start creeping down. And they keep creeping down........down........down. By the time I clocked out I basically wasn't even wearing them, at least until I went into the bathroom and fixed them. omg :rofl: I was like who else has such weird issues to deal with except me? :rofl:
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    Underwear falling down is the pits!
  3. Jody

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    my pantyhose fell down to my knees while i was on a city bus, I could not get off the bus or everyone would see, I missed my stop to get off and road all the way back downtown just so I had time to figure out how to get them up long enough to get it taken care of for real. Omg, You asked who, lol.

    I don't know how you do that job, sounds terribly physical. I just can't imagine being able to do that for five minutes, let alone 8 or more with over-time. You are really in good shape!!!
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    You definitely have a very physical job. It is good that they rotate. LOL about the pants!
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    It is pretty physical overall. I have left out a few things I've done/do because if I'm assigned to fill in on another line it changes.

    And I will admit I"m in far better shape than I imagined. I hurt less, am less tired than most of the 18 yr olds. LOL

    I got sent home at 12:30 am. Am not happy about it, but they've been sending people home all day, even day shift. Night shift patio didn't even get a chance to work, they were sent home the moment they arrived. Dunno what is going on but that would've ticked me off. I told Larry my super for the temp agency 3 times I wasn't leaving............and then there was no more choice. The girl I take mon-wed could not afford being sent home early again (she was last night) and she had to wait on her ride.........that would've been 2 1/2 hrs of wait in 50 degrees outside plus the lost pay. Uh, no. I could hoover it up and leave and let her stay this time.

    Worked by rear end off up to that point though.........but we'd filled our order and they didn't want to start on a new one so late in the shift on a weekend. My line won't be running normal product over the will be running a new experimental candle prototype instead. A couple of other lines were down, others already had too many workers...........soooooooo yeah.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    And.........underwear NOT fitting is an issue????????? REALLY???? (plays tiny tiny violin for woman loosing weight) then makes really disgusted face. (snort of discontent) me when you HAVE a problem okay? Hmmmmmm OKAY. ???????? Honestly woman.
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    Isn't it at least nice to have a job that you can complain about?
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    Yes IC, I am blessed to have a job I can complain about. Except when I go to make the house payment I will now come up short. ugh

    As far as losing weight.........Star, you sound like my easy child who currently is trying to kill herself to lose weight. I don't necessarily want to lose anymore. I didn't necessarily want to lose just happened with the change in life style. Although my doctor will be pleased. He thinks I should weigh 110 lbs..........I just laugh at him. At that weight I look like I am gonna keel over and die at any moment. My bone structure is too large for it. But I only have 20 lbs until I'll be there. I have lost a LOT of weight since Fred died.

    I'm going to have to beg for as much overtime as I can get until I can get a full time permanent position with the company. I got paid yesterday and by the time they took taxes out.........holy smokes that is a lot of work for not so darn much money. Better than no money, and I truly am grateful for it, but it will take 3 checks to make just the house payment unless I can get overtime. No where near all the 3rd check........but the first two won't cover it all either. darn it. I think I've reached the point I can handle overtime. I may sleep all of sunday off away......but ya gotta do what you've gotta do.

    M and Katie are coming tomorrow to help me clean inside and do the yard work outside. I'm granting them shop in Nana's pantry rights to help them make it to the first of the month. They are hurting pretty bad too. They don't know about the shopping in Nana's pantry part. They volunteered to do it for nothing cuz I've helped them so much.
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    That is great that they volunteered! Wow. Hope you get the overtime you need.
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    Hound Doggy, I'm GLAD you have the job that you need. Also, jmo, but people "of a certain age" (wink) need exercise and not sitting at a desk all day is probably really good for us. Think of the health benefits!!! (wink again). Now as for the adult difficult child, I worked with one at my last job. She is the one who got me fired. I'd ignore her as much as possible because these adult difficult child's get glee and self-importance out of getting others in trouble or even intimidated by them. Can you wear a headset that blots out her noise? Haha. J/K. Glad you are working.
  11. Hound dog

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    I can get along with anyone when the situation calls for it. I won't take abuse, but I can still get along.

    Me and J are cool with each other now. She knows I won't be intimidated by her act / behavior (I know with sis it is an act in order not to appear vulnerable) and she knows I don't hold a grudge and it's all good. I do have to give her credit, she IS one hellova hard worker. But unless she tones her tough act down several notches, she doesn't have a prayer of being hired on permanent, hard worker or not.