First round of testing scheduled!

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    Just got a call from the Neurodoc and start testing March 6th. difficult child is scheduled for 4 hours of testing, do you all know if I need to stay at the office while she is testing? difficult child is 15 and the dr office is close to my work so I am thinking I could come back to work after I drop her off then go back and pick her up.
    I am waiting for the doctor to call me and let me know what they prefer I do, what have some of you done?
    The testings starts at 2:00 after almost a full day of school, that will make for one long day.
    She has psychiatrist tomorrow and I think she is going to be switched to Welbutrine, she hasn't shown any improvement with her Celexa increase.
    She isn't napping but that is all I have seen as far as improvement goes.

    How long does it usually take to get results and will it show most of everything that may be wrong with her?
    I am excited about finally finding out what is going on without all the guess work~
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    I dropped off my difficult child 2 when he was tested last Spring. It was two hours of testing (actually, more like 90 minutes with two breaks) and absolutely no need for me to hang around. I left my cell number if there was a problem.

    It took about two weeks to get the final report, which was reviewed with the neuropsychologist in her office. Mine actually had me proofread it to make sure she got the history part correct. She had a few errors and just made the corrections while I was there. She sent me on my way with my one and only copy and it was up to me to distribute it to the school staff.

    The report should show how her behavior and thinking work together (or how they don't work together, depending), whether there are any learning disabilities, processing issues (auditory, visual, tactile), memory issues, etc.

    I hope this helps answer your questions about your difficult child and gets you on the right path for treating her effectively!
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    Antidepressants take 6-8 weeks before you see the full effects. A few days or even a few weeks isn't long enough. I've taken antidepressants since I was 23 (I'm 55) and I know the Switching them too fast can screw up your body or brain chemistry too--it's best to give each one at least the full chance and wean then go slow with chances. I hate when psychiatrists go too fast. That used to make me feel terrible. As an adult, I could say, "Um, no, we won't rush." But a child isn't allowed to, plus he doesn't know as much about his own body yet as you do when you're an adult. Also SSRIs can make some people worse.
    For the neuropsychologist testing, they may want to talk to you first. If not, you can probably leave.