For those of you who use an eliptical (spelling???) trainer, do you think there are any weight training benefits as well as aerobic benefits if you use the machine on a high level??? I've heard conflicting info on this.

I'm sort of in a rush. I hope this makes sense!!! WFEN


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I haven't gotten a lot of time on the elliptical trainer. It looks less punishing on the joints.
Have any of you done the exercises with the big balls? I keep wondering what the heck I'm doing on this big ball trying to keep my balance while exercising with hand weights. It's good for some body parts but it's tough.
I have trouble standing on one foot for balance. (another part of the routine)I didn't have great balance when I was younger. It has not improved with age. LOL.
I have been consistently doing something 5times a week with 3 days being more intense. It feels good to be done but it's a struggle to start.

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Fran-I've done some work with the big balls in the past. I'm planning on doing some more in the future. husband actually has taught fit ball calles. I still have some trouble with balancing but like doing some of the exercises with it.
Fran and Sharon,

I haven't done much with the big balls but I've heard that they really are good for getting in shape. I'm hoping that maybe over the summer or in the fall I'll be able to take some classes. Sharon, its great that your husband has taught some classes with these. You should be able to get lots of help.

The elliptical is really easier on the joints. I love to run but as I'm getting older, I don't run as much as I used to. I know I can really injure my knees - between running and the ice skating and skiing I used to do... I use the elliptical when I'm not running. I use it on a really high level.

I do alot with aerobics but not enough with weight training. I'm hoping I'll get more motivated for the weight training. I know I sound nuts, but I actually like to run. It not only helps me physically, but gives me a sense of well-being. I love running outside. I do some of my best thinking when I let my mind wander while running... WFEN

The elliptical actually gives me stress relief just as running does. in my humble opinion, it really is a great way to get in shape without having to worry about injuring yourself. If you get the chance, try it. Let me know what you think... WFEN