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    and two half days of finals to go. OMG counting down the minutes.

    He is going in early and staying late. My insistance to get his missing work in. Then I get an email from the ONE class I never got an email from.

    Computer applications. "difficult child has not done a bit of work in two periods. Please encourage him not to give up as it would drasticallly affect his grade, as the Web unit is due later this week. Also...difficult child was given a detention for constantly putting his feet on the desk and yelling across the room to other students" So how do I handle THAT?

    English teacher/Dean took him to lunch Sunday and then to school to work on missing work. She said she already made arrangements for him to take his Math final in her classroom with her, as she is not teaching that block.

    Experience: difficult child checks his grade about this time each quarter and again prior to finals. He figures out if he does NOTHING, whether he will pass the class. If so...that is what he does. Right now he has a B+, and two C+'s and a C (in math with 4 missing assignments and a missing quiz). He COULD easily get all B's. He has NO interest in grades. I did tell him that I made arrangements with the principal if he fails any of his final exams he will not get the F - he will get an incomplete and he will return the following week to re-take the final. He was not pleased. (I haven't done that, but might)

    He knows I want him to play baseball. He does enjoy it and needs the exersize and teamwork. He called yesterday from school, right when school got out. easy child answered and told difficult child I was sleeping. difficult child told him that if he stays after school he will NOT play baseball last night. So if I want him to play I need to pick him up. He did not know that husband and I decided earlier that he would not play. He needs to get his school work caught up. Coach was very understanding.

    I see his Myspace says "I think I love you" regarding this girl. Still, the girl's friends tell the girl to get away from difficult child. But he really has a sweet heart. I am his target, he pushes MY buttons. He is sweet and loyal to his friends. I feel so bad. he isn't violent. His ONLY issue at school is his mouth. He tends to let people (mostly authority) know exactly what he thinks. He is strong willed. If he is angry or frustrated and feel he does not have control he will refuse everything. Even things he wants/likes.

    He recieved a Thank You card and $40 cash from the principal for his help with several events.

    He is too smart to let him fail. He complained about the finals. I told him to look at it as his passage to being a sophomore. he wasn't impressed.

    This kid has felt this way about school since Kindergarden. Can you believe that. I just don't get it.

    Praying he has a good day. Praying he gets his work done. Praying he remembers to actually turn it in before he loses it. Praying the year ends positive. And safe.
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    Adding my prayers to yours. What a smart kid you have there! Too smart for his own good as they say. Peace, ML
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    I so understand the countdown untill the end of the school year. I am right there with you.

    About the feet on the desk thing, how does your difficult child react if you ask him to think about how the teacher feels? As for discipline regarding it, sometimes it is easier to let school stuff stay at school. Sometimes we do that with our difficult child, it depends on the issue.
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    I feel for you....

    It is so hard to watch these kids sabotage their own future just to prove to you that you cannot control them. I always wonder when they will reach adult-hood and the big payoff is "Ha! Ha! I graduated HS with all D's and now I have no college scholarships and was not accepted anywhere." whether they will regret being so stubbornly pig-headed all through school.

    Sending ((((hugs)))) and wishes that someone might inspire him to achieve his potential....