For our difficult children with speech problems

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    I know we have many difficult children and siblings here who have speech problems. I simply cannot imagine how difficult it is for them to handle their other issues along with not being able to tell people what they need or what problem they are having or even how they are feeling.

    This is why I sometimes post items I think may help with this or other problems.

    Well, the image doesn't seem to copy here. This is a link to an mp3 player loaded with kids songs that are also speech exercises. Here is the product description from
    Speechercise is an all-new musical resource designed to make daily speech practice fun and easy while making lasting changes in a child's overall pronunciation and articulation skills. At home, school, or even in the car, follow the Speechercise workout leaders through the musical workoutsongs and drills that focus on basic vowel and consonant sounds, complex vowel-consonant transitions, and advanced word level strings. Practice proper tongue and teeth placement, challenging beginning, middle, and ending consonant sounds.

    Not sure if anyone is interested but thought someone might like it, or might load speech exercises onto their own mp3 player for a child.
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    I'll have a look when I can (it's heading for midnight here and it's been a full day with another coming up tomorrow) and also run it past difficult child 3's speech pathologist. The trouble might be the different accents for us. We might need to customise a product for Australian. She's told us she's sending us some tapes, it could be a similar product.