For those who read in bed:

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. susiestar

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    For all of you who read in bed, here is a link to the Harry Potter book light - the sale is good today only.

    Now don't dismiss this just because you are not collectors of all things HP. It is a Lightwedge book light and is AWESOME (in my opinion) for those who like to read in bed while your partner sleeps or for airline travel.

    Here is the link:

    This is for sale today only at $7.99 with $0.01 shipping.

    Lightwedge book lights normally sell for $24.95 (HP version) and $24.95/$34.95 (paperback/hardback regular version) from the manufacturer.

    Other sites sell them for $29.99 for any size.

    Not everyone likes them but I have LOVED mine and so have the people I gave them to for gifts.
  2. Marguerite

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    Some time ago we gave difficult child 3 a Golden Snitch book light. Just visualise it...

  3. GoingNorth

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    I have a book light that clips to the cover of my Kindle e-book reader.

    Yep...I own a Kindle and I'm proud of it.

    Actually, I LOVE old books and of course, free books are a wonderful thing. There are millions out there. Amazon's e-books can be downloaded directly to the Kindle over something called "WhisperNet".

    Other books from places like, etc., have to be downloaded to a easy child and then transferred over to the Kindle.

    I live in a small mobile home and literally haven't got the room to store the masses of books I tend to accumulate. The Kindle holds up to 1500 books!

    It's not cheap--I think current prices on the Kindle are around 260.00, but it is well worth it in my humble opinion, especially if you are a voracious reader like I am.
  4. Hound dog

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    Great find Susie. Just wish I had the spare cash. All my kids would've wanted one. :)

    As for husband.........he just has to go to bed before I do so he can read. Once I'm in the room those lights better go off period. lol