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    Wrote update/another thread

    I've been forlorn about the loss of my cousin last year and very recently it was the anniverary of her death. I realized that my communication with- her husband and two sons has been limited, but had hoped for improvement. I reached out to the mother in law, who I have a close relationship with. We write regularly...short, nice notes...I believe appreciated on both ends.

    I also wrote short notes to everyone over the last few days.

    Guess what? I got short, but lovely notes back from everyone in return this time. One son seem to sincerely express hope that we would keep in touch with- one another.

    I feel kinda kinda weird about it all, but GOOD. Knowing that they are okay means a lot to me and also knowing that they know that I am there for them also means a lot to me as well. My gut tells me it is a healthy thing for all concerned. I did not burden them with- obligation, but simply let it be known that I care. They responded in a lovely way. I know that when my own mother died, this was the type of thing I appreciated.

    Still missing her terribly...but feel much better about the entire situation.
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