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anyone familiar with- forensic psychology? My difficult child, currently hospitalized (3rd time) will be seeing one this wk. I am not new to these issues, but I am new to this forum and my computer time is limited. How do I do a signature?


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Welcome aboard beep beep, You will find many here that have been there done that along with the support that many of us so need when it comes to our kiddos. Again welcome aboard. :)

I have heard of it as far as being used for criminal investigation but have not had experience dealing with it . I looked it up online and here is what I found.

Forensic psychology is the interface between psychology and the law, so all psychological services provided for the legal community are forensic psychological services. However, most forensic psychologists provide services which are both clinical and forensic in nature. When a psychologist treats an individual who was emotionally traumatized by an accident, the treatment is clinical in nature, designed to assist the individual in recovering from the trauma. But, when the psychologist is asked to provide a report for the court, regarding the extent of the trauma, and to assess the psychological damage incurred, then the psychologist is providing forensic services.


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Hi beep beep and welcome. Not sure what the issues are, but as Mom in Training has explained how to do a profile signature, that will help us see at a glance the age and what you're dealing with.

I've never heard of forensic psychology, but perhaps others have. In order for this post to get more exposure for those that might be familiar with it, I'm going to move it to our General Forum. You can look for responses over there.

Again welcome. I look forward to hearing more from you.



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Hi Beepbeep. Welcome!
Interesting note about forensic psychology.
So sorry to hear about your difficult child. How is he doing?


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thank you for your replies. Kris, the link you suggested scared me to death. My difficult child 1 is currently hospitalized (taken from home in handcuffs by the police). After 3 yrs, two psychiatrists and three LCSWs can't figure him out, or so they say. He's been obsessed with Columbine and has made a lot of threats even tho he's on probation (malicious destruction of property). Hopefully, I will find out after the forensic psychologist talks with- him. Does anyone know why he would have a container of lye (drain opener) under his bed?


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It it something he just grabbed out of the cabinet or did he pick it up somewhere else? You can what-if it... considering he's obsessed with-Columbine, or you can just take it away.
Did you ask him? I'm sure he'll have a lame answer (and telling you to stay out of his room is the wrong answer, too).
Good luck.

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Did you tell the police he has the lye under his bed? I don't know if it could be related to the reason they took him to hospital or not. But lye is poisionous when ingested, can't recall if the fumes are also toxic. Lye when ingested with burn out your esaphogus, windpipe, stomach, well.... you get the idea. Deadly stuff when used improperly.

Have you had an opportunity to ask why the lye was under the bed? (odd thing to find in a kid's room)

Welcome to the board.



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I never buy lye or anything like it. I use a snake on clogs. He said he didn't really remember where he got it. His PO was puzzled by it and the judge didn't seem to care (at his last review). After I found it (& threw it away),I was pouring a glass of iced tea and he asked me "are you sure you want to drink that?" but I think that was just the drama in him. If he really put lye in my tea, I'd be dead already. His PO said that lye is used o make meth, but the process is so elaborate and involved, its not something he could do in his room. I guess I'll never know why he had the lye.


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From memory (and I'm sure husband will edit me here if I'm wrong) lye is sodium hydroxide. Caustic, nasty stuff. It doesn't fume, but will burn if you drink it. My mother told me a story (moral tale - don't drink anything you didn't see poured, don't pour toxic stuff into things we eat and drink from). A woman she knew had found a glass of slightly frosty looking liquid, thought it was cloudy apple juice and drank a big mouthful before she realised. She spat it out but the inside of her mouth was horribly burnt.

Some people also associate it with getting rid of evidence, like a lot of "bodies in the bathtub" cases. The thing is, to use sodium hydroxide for that takes A LOT of chemical and a lot more time than people realise.

You can use it to make soap. Mix it with oil or fat of some sort. But I don't think he was planning to make soap. I don't know what he WAS planning, maybe he didn't know himself. Maybe he had grand ideas fed by rumour and urban myth, but with little grounding in reality.

But after a comment like that I wouldn't let him make my tea. And if you see him reading any articles about Graham Young, I'd be worried.

Lye would taste soapy, slightly salty-ish, maybe sharpish and maybe not. It depends on how strong the solution is. It would have a slippery feel to the skin. If you put it in an aluminium container, it will react and begin to eat the aluminium. If you get it on your skin, wash your hands in lots of water. Add some vinegar too if you want to be really sure you've got it dealt with, but the water should be enough. It's nasty, but it takes a lot to do dangerous damage unless you do what my mother's friend did and drink a glass of really concentrated solution. More dilute solution would be clear, and wouldn't do much damage. It might make you sick, that's about it. Your stomach acid would neutralise a lot of it and your stomach has a corrosive-proof lining.

I would share the information about the lye, though. At least make sure SOMEBODY has it on record. It may mean nothing, or it may be a useful piece of information when his doctors talk to him.