Frustrated with school...again!

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    Hi all

    quickie recap..7 year old..diagnosis'd with ADHD...then Asperger's..questioning a mood disorder too..trialed concerta, Adderall, Adderall XR and clonidine..minimal improvement. Sent certified letter to SD requesting an evaluation end of December...January 5th they send home a consent to evaluation..the 9th they send home an amended one. I can't figure out where the 60 days clock starting ticking. Anyway they are still giving me nothing but trouble..put my difficult child on a behavior plan..he comes home with all these happy smiley faces.. weeks later I get e-mail from classroom teacher about meltdowns..a week later she decides to mention he has been pulling his hair out in frustration..WTH?? Nobody thought that was important enough to call me about? Ugh. So she gets the school psychologist involved who says it is the change from adderall to adderall XR and demanding to know who his psychiatric docs are again and what agency they work for..she has all this info. Anyway I think they are trying to set it up to say he doesn't qualify. I have his psychologist set to come to the IEP meeting when they get around to setting a date for one. Today he told me he got sent out for a meltdown and was banging his head against the classroom door in anger and frustration...his behavior plan reflected all smiley faces?? which means he had a great day. Are they intentionally keeping behavioral issues from me now that I requested an evaluation and want a IEP? I hate to think that way..I'm just confused. I don't know how to protect my son, I get that the behavior plan is working GREAT for the over taxed and overwhelmed classroom teacher(as she is always pointing out to me)but it is causing my son to self-injure..he can't outwardly explode he gets sad faces and loses privileges. I guess I'll give to it March 9th for them to have this meeting but it seems like that won't give me much time to have my advocate review their findings or to even make sure she can be is almost the 6th of the month. I'm unsure what the next step is.
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    First, you should see ALL of their evaluations prior to the meeting--if they will not direct release to you, then set up an appointment to review (and get copies) with the school psychologist. No one can be hit with tons of information AND participate in a meeting--the SD is counting on your being overwhelmed so that you cannot be an effective participant.

    Second, before an IEP is written, the TEAM, of which you are a full participating member, must firn him eligible under some category.

    If he is eligible, then the IEP is written, again BY THE TEAM. I would insist on PBS--positive behavioral supports, because difficult child is self-injuring under the current plan. If they have not done an FBA already they need to do one--or update it if one exists already.

    Third, do not go to this meeting alone. If you cannot find an advocate, then take a calm person with you to take notes. REad up on your basic rights at

    FYI, their 60 days started the dat\y they received your certified letter.

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    I hope not also, but it's possible.

    Most district's have some type of policy regarding keeping track of children being sent out of the classroom for discipline. In our district, they use form referrals. The docs include brief scenarios of the incident/infraction, date, signature of educator, etc.

    This information is part of the student's education record. Under FERPA, you can get access to the information. It has to be requested in writing. Send it Certified Mail, of course.

    It's important to get in the habit of documenting. Keep all info such as the emails. Document info you get from difficult child. See

    You can contact the district's Sp Ed Director and request an update on the evaluation process. Again, use CM for legal reasons, but also fax it to speed up the snail mail. I'd include a reminder about getting a copy the reports X days before the IEP meeting.

    The web address Marti gave you is .
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    by the way, there is some info on FBA's in Kjs' threads you may need to be aware of. Those threads are recent and on page 1 of this forum presently.
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    Thank you both for the advice. I just received an e-mail from the school psychologist with a tentative date of 3/19/07 for the Team Meeting. She still has to see if the other team members can make it that day. My certified letter was sent on 12/23/06 requesting the evaluation. She is going to make copies of the report avilable by the 15th which is good. Plus I guess this allows me time to make sure the advoate can come. She made sure to let me know what a great day he was having today..which would be wonderful if I didn't think she was just trying to :censored2: him out services.