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    So, has anyone else had the problem of taking your difficult child to the psychologist's office, and, while you're going on about how frustrated you are, the difficult child is being a perfect angel? :angry-very: I am so frustrated because I feel like now my problems are being pooh poohed and I'm left going "this is NOT the child I live with!"
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    I think difficult child feels safe in the psychologist's office. It seems that is a place where EVERYONE can look at issues in a calm way. I would hope the psychologist has enough experience to know that what he or she sees in that hour is not the whole story. It will take awhile for him or her to gather all the info to create a true picture. Can you ask for a few minutes of alone time with the psychologist to ask about this? It would be helpful to journal the intense issues during the week to give to the psychologist to learn more about your family.

    My difficult child's psychiatrist always ends the session, "This has been a good talk. difficult child did good. He always does good. He is a good kid." I feel these visits are mainly for difficult child to discuss issues he is struggling with, however, I am able to bring up any toward the end I believe need addressing (to which difficult child usually says, Oh yeah, I forgot about that).
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    That is the reason therapy did not work for Miss KT, and I gave up. I had therapists asking if she was my first child (yes, and my only), and then saying I was overreacting to her behaviors, because the things I was concerned about did not seem to be a problem any longer...yes it was very very frustrating.