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    difficult child has been losing weight since on Daytrana, I have to work as I am only one that can, and husband can't seem to figure out that he should try to encourage difficult child to eat. He just wants him off medications. Then all that will happen is that difficult child will get yelled at all the time as he will be out of control. I have been calling and reminding difficult child to eat, but he has not been doing it. I am at a complete loss. I cannot afford day care, have no family that can watch the kids, and difficult child has been kicked out of boys and girl's club, and I do not think that is the best option anyways. I do not know what to do. I am really worried as I can see difficult child's rib cage. I am thinking I will bribe him to eat, make it a chore. If he does not eat I will dock his allowance. I am not sure if that will work.
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    The drug makes him feel like he doesn't want to eat and has no interest in food. It's a pretty normal reaction to the drug. Reminding him or even trying to force him to eat likely won't work.

    Does he get any appitite a few hours after you take the patch off? Does he want to eat at night? Does he eat breakfast before you put the patch on? Have nutritious food available to him at night and first thing in the morning. Sometimes that helps.
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    Sara has a good point.

    What time do you put the patch on? Can you give him something really good and high calorie early in the day and later at night to help boost weight? Im thinking something like peanut butter toast with a banana milkshake for breakfast. The banana milkshake can be made with a banana, milk, carnation instant breakfast in chocolate, and even a scoop of ice cream. You can even get some protein powder to toss in without him knowing it.

    At night you can give him added milkshakes made the same way or other fruit shakes or slushes, peanut butter on apples, cheese, make pudding and add some protein powder to it, make some custard, will he eat meat? have meat for him for late night snacks.

    We did all these things for my middle son who was a beanpole. He was always thin and on ritalin. He did bulk up some eventually but he also went off medications at age 14. He is still fairly thin...well thin in my book...he is 6'5 and about 230.
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    I realize it is from the medications, and I was just pretty much hoping he would eat if I reminded him. I go to work before he gets up so usually breakfast is out. husband's schedule is erratic, to say the best. I used to make a pbj sandwich and leave him a note saying where it was and then kids would eat.

    Sometimes in the evening he will eat, and other days he says he is full. Patch always comes of at 4:00, no later than 5:00. Pay day is next week, and I will get some instant breakfast, and what else? Any ideas of nutrition packed yummy tasting stuff? He does not like ice cream, but does like smoothies (as long as he makes them and monitors the ingredients.) He likes sweet carbs like cookies, but does not like stuff that is too cold. Has anyone ever made popsicles from pudding or instant breakfast?
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    WOW DJ, 6'5 and 230 lbs!! When I picure my difficult child, who is 4 ft tall and bullet proof, and still does not weigh 60 lbs, yours is VERY impressive.

    I will try the shakes at night. So far tonight he had dinner (chicken leg, mashed potatoes, picked at corn) 1/4 bowl spaghetios and meatballs (not healthy, but it was leftover in fridge) and about 1 cup of chocolate pudding. If I can stay awake much longer I might be able to get him to eat a sandwich..
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    I have a trick for mashed you make instant taters? I do...Im lazy as can

    I mix a can of whole kernel corn or creamed corn into the water with the mashed taters and the milk and butter when making the taters. You can also use evaporated milk and real butter for extra calories. Even add creamed cheese for more calories.

    How bout dipping bananas in chocolate and freezing them for treats.

    Yogurts are nutritious and if you get the full fat ones more calories. Let him add cereal and granola if he will. Will he eat nuts? How bout trail mix?

    Im just thinking out loud.
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    we had the same problem. My son ate alot in the morning and evening, hardly anything for lunch. I pretty much stopped worrying about nutritious and did what I could just to get calories in him. He developed a liking for peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches. Also chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. Do you see a pattern?

    good idea about the instant breakfast, my son won't drink any kind of milk concoction. Trail mix is a great idea.

    I tried to have lots of things on hand that he could just make for himself when he got hungry (like cans of ravioli). I also decided to not worry about meal times and make battles out of that--if he didn't want to eat there was no point making a huge deal about getting him to eat.

    Are you at the lowest level of the patch? Just thinking that if it is to primarily help at school, could you go to a slightly lower level on weekends and see if that helps his appetite?

    You may also find that the appetite loss might moderate after a while --maybe the body will get more used to it.
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    Ohhh yeah...I forgot pancakes! And french toast. We used to make batches and freeze them and then you can toast or microwave them. Cheaper than buying them in the packs and taste better.

    Walmart does sell big bags of trail mix with nuts, raisins and m&ms and if you are a member of sams they have them even bigger.

    Goldfish crackers? Heck...any crackers.

    Canned pasta is a good thing too. Oodles of noodles is always a kid favorite here. So is mac and cheese. How about those pizza bites? Would he learn to make his own english muffin pizzas with a bit of sauce, pepperoni and cheese? Yummy!

    We are gonna have this kid FAT pretty
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    I'm tired, so I'm sorry if I didn't catch that someone else posted this. I'm about to start giving mine one of those weight gain drinks from the health food store. They say you can mix most with ice cream if you want calories. Mine were on straterra and are on foclin now and I too can see ribs. I gave them haircuts today, so they were shirtless and I couldn't believe how skinny my younger 2 difficult children look. So its off to GNC tomorrow to find a protein shake for the younger one that doesn't have sugar in it. Then a different one for the middle one. I'm going to present it like a treat after dinner. Shake time!
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    WOW, thanks guys. Some very good ideas. He likes trail mix, with M & M's if you get the drift. I will try the english muffin pizzas. weight gain drinks may work, especially if they have pictures of guys with big muscles on the front. I will reread this post before I go shopping, and get some input from difficult child also. It is amazing that sometimes all you have to do is ask.

    He is on the 2nd lowest dose strength of patch. I have 11 patches left after today. I have been thinking about asking for the 10mg instead of 15 mg when we need a refill. I need to wait and see. I tend to react too soon,(like about eating, maybe) and have learned to not contact the professionals untill I give myself ample time to think and observe.
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    Honey, we ARE the professionals.

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    :bravo: :bravo:
    Thank you BBK. I guess I should say the people who assist in difficult child's care to whom I pay my hard earned dollars. :bravo:
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    We are in the SAME boat. Seb is 7 and weighs 50 pounds. When he takes the Daytrana he does not eat ANY lunch. Seb has never liked breakfast foods and / or shakes, so I have to organize to make him a hot lunch type meal in the morning because during the day eats NOTHING on the Daytrana. Nada.

    His inability to eat while on the medication is what prompted me to take him off for the summer thinking I could bulk him up and let him get more sleep. It has all backfired.

    Ultimately I am thinking that a thinner Seb is better than an impulsive / aggressive Seb.

    Let us know what you decide!
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    I am skipping the Daytrana tommorrow, as Cody has become sullen, sensitive, irritable and other not so good things.

    I would rather have a happy hyper child. Cody has had bad reactions to stims in the past, but he is on Lamictal as a mood stabilizer now so we were hoping stims would work better.