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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Tired mama, Jul 27, 2018.

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    Just need to vent. My 36 year old Difficult Child was doing decent except that i told him i only wanted to text because when we talked he talks me into things i don't want to do. He calls anyway and i gave in and answered sometimes. That started when i had bluetooth on and he came up as unknown caller in my car. I know not consistent. When i don't answer he calls it "my crazy F###ing game". My husband told me not to and we had decided he would hold my phone and filter messages. He answered some texts and my son assumed it was me.
    Anyway last night i get a call from my ex daughter inlaw saying that my grandaughter was going to the emergency room. I called him because i thought he should know and gave him a ride to and from the hospital. She is ok. But she came to my house and we were sleeping in, her mom had to work. My grandaughter and i are very close. So he texts this morning and it is mostly sensored because i am playing the game. My husband had the phone and says he didnt hear it ring the volume was down. So he texted he saw the calls but hadn't heard it ring. So i get 5 or 6 nasty texts and it is all my fault he didnt get to work and he doesnt have his charger and.....
    So he calls and my grandaughter handed it to me. And he says let me talk to my daughter. He then proceeds to tell her i am a liar and she should not believe a word i say.
    I texted him that i was blocking his number and how dare he use his children for his agenda. And i blocked. This was on top of my husband having a tooth extracted and being in pain. I will admit that i do not always tell him the whole truth because my husband types messages but he really upset his daughter. I think she is having anxiety anyway. I want to support him but any concession he takes as i have forgotten the past. Apparently he wanted a ride to work or something and i havent been doing that anyway. The only times i have taken him anywhere is for her. I have never spoken badly of him to her. i know what i did wrong and wii try to change that. I just needed to vent.
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    It’s understandable that you feel the need to vent. You’re dealing with crazy in a no win situation. I understand exactly what you’re talking about in not wanting to pick up the phone and when you do, getting manipulated into doing something you don’t want to. It’s happened to me many times, so I only will text, and sometimes I won’ even do that.

    It’s heartbreaking and wrong for him to turn your granddaughter against you. It happened to me. I pray for both of us that our grandchildren will know the truth.
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    Thank you for your response it is good to know i am not alone. I will pray for you as well.
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    Tired Mama ~ I'm sorry he continues to do this to you. I know it angers my son more when he can't get to me to harass me. So then he uses any means possible to get real nasty. I'm wondering this might be the time to step in and protect his daughter from him. It all depends on the dynamics of the family relationships. Maybe limit his contact with her, maybe some therapy for her around how to deal with a mentally ill parent.