Fulfill the wish of a little boy with leukemia

Sue C

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According to the Snopes.com (Urban Legends website), this is a true story. There is also a website below for you to check it out for yourself. If as many people as possible from the ConductDisorders website send Shane a birthday card, we can help make his wish come true.

Shane is soon to be 8 years old and is battling Leukemia. He would like to receive one million birthday cards by May 1st.

The link from KISS FM tells about Shane and how much it would mean for him to receive a birthday card this year! The cards are being sent to the radio station at:

2001 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa ON, K1G6C9
Postage to Canada from the U.S. is 63 cents. I'm just going to put on 2 - 39 cent stamps so I don't have to run to the post office.



Sue, thanks for sharing this. My kids sent their birthday cards yesterday. What a sweet, easy wish from Shane! I hope he reaches his goal.