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    Question, My difficult child has been on Geodon for about 6 months now and due to insurance we had to start going to a new psychiatrist. He was floored that difficult child was on that medication.

    He said that Geodon is in no way approved for children and that the FDA almost did not approve it anyway because it can cause fatal heart rhythms.

    I was really concerned. difficult child has a VSD (heart defect) anyway.

    Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this? I looked it up on the internet.
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    ANY atypical antipsychotic can cause a prolongation of the QTc interval, which can cause heart arrhythmia. That's why it's recommended that children who are taking APs should have EKGs regularly. My daughter's psychiatrist has recommended that my daughter, who has been on Zyprexa for 2 years, have an EKG every 6 months.
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    The psychiatrist scared me to death. My son has a vsd, which in itself is no big deal but he made it sound like difficult child could just drop dead at anytime.

    I loved the effect of Geodon. We have cut it back to 1 a day to taper off and he has not slept much for the last 2 nights. The psychiatrist did however put him on Respirdol .25mg. This seems to be doing nothing.

    I just need guidience through this. I would do the EKG thing. I personally think that he needs more monitoring. He only gets labwork every year or so. Is that normal? I am so in the dark about all of this.
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    My son has never been on it, but if he has a heart defect anyway, I'd try something else. I'm so sorry it worked so well for you. Isn't that always the way?
    You're doctor seems on the ball. Most of the medications that we use on our kids are not approved for children's use anyway, but when it it something this obvious, it seems like a good idea to take the dr's advice.

    I wish I could recommend something else, but I'm sure someone else here will.
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    Amy, I knew I had seen this note b4. SusieStar and Christy responded, and they've had experience. You may want to go back to p. 2 and read their notes.
    Best of luck.