Getting ready for the proverbial @#*& to hit the fan...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Got difficult child to school early this morning, so she could check on her computer applications class. Seems like her A had dropped to a D- in 4 weeks. It is a class where things are done, in class, on the computers. So, not really a take it home and get caught up opportunity. husband drove by the school about 10 minutes later and saw her just sitting outside (school had not started, but she didn't go in and try to work either). I sent an email to that teacher to see what times the teacher is available before or after school so we could plan on when to get her there in the future. And, I asked if being in a class with her BFF was part of the problem. Well, after class, teacher wrote an email that she moved J and BFF and J was not a happy camper, and the two of them spent the hour emailing each other. And, the teacher put her down to come in on Wed morning for an hour from 9 to 10 as that is their "seminar" hour, where a teacher or student can request help.

    Then there was the call from her algebra teacher. Seems like she finally went over the allowed amount of tardies and got a referral to the principal's office. Oh, there were also two skipped classes there too. She went to the hour before and the hour after... I knew abouit this for a couple of weeks, I am only aware of it because the school has "power school" a website of grades, tardies, absences, etc. I had emailed that teacher a couple weeks ago to see if she would notify me of any missed classes and got an email back that she is too busy to do any thing but put it in power school.

    So... if J is late one more time she could get an F, be dropped from the class, have to go to "Friday" school which is going in at 3:30pm and staying in a class room with a teacher doing homework until 6pm EVERY FRIDAY until the end of school. I am hoping the talk with the vice principal has her more than motivated to stay on task. But, I kind of doubt it. I saw this coming, but until the student reaches a level of misses/tardies then the authorities are not notified until they go over that point, and then I guess the computer calls their attention to it. SO tired of this. I try and try, but of course difficult child didn't think it was a big deal after skipping the class twice and then getting 8 tardies before someone calls her on it (besides me!)

    Probably not a fun time at our house tonight. KSM
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    I do not envy you this evening.
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    Not fun times. I'm also now wondering how many other schools also have Power School and Friday School, as my daughter's school has these, too.
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    I think there is more SHTF going to happen... difficult child called me from school, and said she didn't need a ride because she was going to stay and go to computer application class to work on assignments... and her BFF was going to do that too. (they have been goofing off in class) I said they could call for a ride after school, but she said BFF's mom was going to give them a ride home later. 5:15pm... still not home so called BFF's mom... and she said her daughter called and they were going to walk home and should be here about 5:30... yea right. smells fishy to me.

    I got another email from algebra teacher who thinks difficult child got assigned to Friday school... at least she wasn't dropped from the class. I never heard back from the vice principal as I REALLY wanted to hear it from him... and not difficult child's version of it. Now I need to email the computer teacher and see if she even stopped by at all today.

    more stuff to deal with... KSM
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    If difficult child just knew when to keep her mouth shut she would be so much further ahead. She didn't get home until 5:45 and had her BFF with her. I told her that BFF needed to go on home so we could talk. I get an innocent "why?" Grrr... Tried to get her side of story, but it differed somewhat than what the teacher had said. Then I started getting the attitude as "it wasn't fair, you are supposed to get a detention first, then an after school Friday. And I never got a detention, I am going to talk to Mr. Pxxxxx and ask him about that." Geesh. Never learns. Plus she tried to tell me her teacher gave her the Friday school... but finally got the rest of the story that she had to go to the office. And she did talk to Mr Pxxxxx.

    Plus the fiasco with the computer class. Supposedly she stayed after today and worked on assignment... I think I need another email to the teacher to verify that.

    Then she wants to get on FB... and husband frowned... and she lost it. I tried to explain that I didn't see that she felt "contrite" about what had happened, but only had excuses. Then she got an attitude about "I don't even understand the word 'contrite' and why can't you talk like other parents? Who uses CONTRITE?" So I lost it and said basically it means you are acting like an A...hole and aren't sorry for what you did!"

    Not one of my prouder moments... KSM
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    Hey, you know - sometimes you just have to spell it out bluntly, and sometimes by that point you're so frustrated that only curse words come out. been there done that. Don't feel bad.
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    Good luck getting what actually happened. I hope things have calmed down.
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    Sometimes the words that you usually try not to say just comes flying out of your mouth before you even know you are saying them! I've done that, too. Hopefully, you'll get the full story today so you can figure out what is really going on.
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    Yeah, I've said worse...not proud for sure but i make loads of mistakes.....that's life.
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    Well since she didnt understand contrite, you had to use a word she did Dont feel bad.