Getting the ball rolling....


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Ok...this feels positive. :smile:

So, we're still working with the psychiatrist from H-E-double hockey sticks LOL...just to keep you all updated. You know...the one that basically sent me into a panic attack and treated me like you-know-what. Yeah...well, I've been told he knows his stuff, so I'm going to bear with him and hope he STILL knows his stuff and he's just going through some mid-life crisis and he'll get over it. He's been better (and I think MY therapist spoke to him behind my back, though quite frankly I'd rather not truly find out), so we'll leave it at that. ANYWAY, I asked him for a referral to a therapist for M so that I know we'd have someone psychiatrist would be willing to communicate with (I hear psychiatrist has attitude issues with communication) and he gave me the card of a group of doctor's I've been calling for a couple of months off and on to get M into ANYWAY because I believe they are neuropsychologist's!!!!!!! (they were on the list from the old insurance as such)

It's a sign I tell ya...the universe pulls it all together. So, M has his appts set up at the end of Aug.

Then, I was having a really hard time all day trying to find somehwere to take C for an evaluation. Yale Child Study is *REALLY* backed-up with a HUGE wait list and I couldn't even get anyone on the phone or get a return call to find out if they even take our insurance or to find out how long the wait list truly is. Then, trying to find someone who sees children as young as 3 1/2 is another issue. So, while I had this place on the phone, I asked if they would be suited to evaluation C and the woman said yes, PLUS they have an Autism Specialist on board as well (which is great, because I'm curious if C is under the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) umbrella)! So, C has an initial appointment at the end of this month with the therapist to introduce C and discuss our issues and then see if he feels we should meet with the Autism Specialist as well or continue with the therapist.

I *REALLY* hope this turns out to be a good fit for both boys. It FEELS good. And this may be my ticket to getting neuropsychologist testing done for BOTH, if in fact they *are* Neuropsychologists, which according to my old insurance company they were (at least it said one of their Dr's were).

So that's my update! :wink:


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You have been through so much in the last couple of months. I am glad things are finally turning around for you and your family. It sounds like, finally, all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Such is life, huh. You go through hades, think you will never see a light, and then suddenly, everything comes together.

How is M liking his new school?


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Well, M only had the 1 week of school...he seemed to like it, however there is obviously some major dislike/anxiety/something still surrounding "school". He starts the new school's Summer Program next Monday, which he seems happy about. :smile: He'll do that M-F for 3 weeks and then we'll leave for our 1 wk family vacation. I actually feel confident we'll survive until then incident free!!!! :::holds breath::
Sometimes, the planets just align....

Hoping and praying for nothing but great things to happen in the next couple months. You are due!