Going back to the Dr. and afraid of what he is going to say

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I have another OB appointment today after work. I am very afraid about what he is going to say, since my bloodpressure has been high and he was worried last week when I was in about me starting pre-eclampsia. I went for my bloodwork on Monday and still haven't gotten the results so I hope to hear them when I go in today. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't put me on restrictions or make me go on bed rest... I still have 13 weeks until I am due and I am not ready to be done working yet. I have been trying to think of ways to destress my life,but haven't come up with any good ideas yet... Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I think at this point a lot of help from family will help destress. Some belly-breathing exercises might help some. I hope he would have called you ASAP if he had found anything immediately worrying in the blood tests. *HUGS*
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    Hey! Sorry that they're worrying you like this. Truthfully? I found that worrying over what MIGHT come out during the weekly/daily OB visits raised my blood pressure. I adopted the "que sera sera" attitude, because no matter what happened, (especially with only 13 weeks left) this baby was going to do what it was going to do.

    Sit back, use the waiting room time to doze off, deep cleansing breaths, and value the dr. visits as time away from the rest of the family! :bigsmile:

    If it wasn't for my Dad watching the others while I went for my prenatals with Evie, I would have had all 3 of them with me! (AH did NOTHING while I was preggers with her). Value the time away!!!!

    Feel better hon!

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    Travis' pregnancy was one long complication.

    I was put on bed rest in my 5th month due to pre-term labor. I laughed at the ob cuz seriously? I had easy child under the age of 2, sure I could stay in bed all day. lol But I did stay down as much as humanly possible and urged easy child to do as much for herself as she could manage.......she even climbed into her own high chair and crib for me so I didn't have to lift her.

    I had to let it go simply because I'm a person who can't handle that type of stress over an extended period. All I could do was my best to follow doctor orders, pray and leave it up to a higher power above. I crocheted two outfits for Travis, a blanket for him, and a full size bedspread during that pregnancy........kept my mind from dwelling on worry.

    If anything critical had shown in the blood work you'd have been contacted right away. So that is a good sign. Will keep you and the wee babe in my prayers.