Good Morning Monday


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G'day, everyone.

I bin good. I bin resting. No choice, yesterday. difficult child 3 worked well today, finished a rather large unit of maths. difficult child 1 got home early from girlfriend's place (after that BIG party) and we had a long talk about important personal matters re girlfriend. I need to have a very long talk to them both, together. The poor girl has a difficult child mother and they're not getting on.

difficult child 1 & I were about to head to mother in law's to do some hedge-trimming before she gets home tomorrow evening, but a friend dropped in unexpectedly for a brief chat and stayed two hours. Her toddler even fell in our fishpond and all she did was dry him, change him and keep on talking. difficult child 3 organised a game of badminton with the other two boys, kept getting confused because ALL the boys have long hair, he couldn't understand that boys CAN have long hair. (Their hair has never been cut, ever - they have waist-length blonde curls, each in one long braid).

So now I'm back inside, reheating a frozen curry for dinner. When I cook in bulk I freeze what I can because these situations do crop up, when I need to take things a bit easier for a few days.

Tomorrow - quiet day in the morning, then driving "to the mainland" to get easy child 2/difficult child 2 to college classes. I'll probably do some shopping, too.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!



Marg...just curious. What is the time difference there compared to the states?
How do you get your difficult child to take college courses. My difficult child is very bright, would be able to do the work. Just isn't willing to do any work.

Monday today. Holding my breath that I do not get any phone calls from school. I told difficult child last week that I do not want any calls and he will need to call dad and wait for a return call.

difficult child was so happy Saturday night when he was online. A girl told him he was cute and she liked him. She is in his class, but takes all honor classes. Maybe it will motivate him to show her how well he can do.

husband's glasses (frame) broke Friday night. He has only one old pair where the sides are broken off. So, after work I will need to drop off his glasses. He thinks they can fix them right then, but I have my doubts since the frame is broke.

Baseball game tonight. First game. difficult child hurt his ankle yesterday at soccer game. It was swollen and bruised. It is suppose to rain, kind of hoping it does and game is cancelled. Give his ankle a chance to heal and me a chance to catch a nap before work.

If Baseball game is on, it will give me 3 hours to sleep today.

Hope everyone has a great monday.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Glad to hear you've been resting. Dinner sounds yummy!

Kjs-Sounds like a long day for you-I hope the rain cancels the game so difficult child's ankle can heal and you can get some rest.

It's the beginning of a long week here. I have to use my lunch time today for a meeting with difficult child's nueropsych. Then it's back to work and after that easy child has a therapist appointment at 5:00 which means I should get home around 6:30. I'm planning on making pulled pork in the crockpot so it will be done when we get home. The only problem is it will be done too early in the crockpot. I think I'll have husband turn it off and then we can always reheat it.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful, no meltdown Monday. Hi to annyone who snuck in. :flower:


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Hi, Kjs.
My computer says it's 5.25 am Monday in Texas. Here, it's 8.25 pm, Monday night.

The college courses here - we have TAFE (Technical and Further Education) which is a place where people can get extra qualifications. Depending on the course, you can enrol there even if you haven't graduated from high school. Or they have courses which are an alternative to university. Have a look online, see what I mean.
easy child 2/difficult child 2 goes to TAFE part-time. It's two evenings a week for her, and will last three years. Hopefully in the meantime she will get a job in this field, while she is studying.
How did we get her to go? She had to work it out for herself. We have a rule in this house - when you finish school you have to either get a job or study at TAFE (or uni, in the unlikely event you get into a uni course). In difficult child 1's case, he got into voluntary work.
If a student has a recognised disability, even if it's just ADHD, they can enrol in one free TAFE course a year. So the kids have enrolled each year in a range of courses. Eventually they finds a direction they enjoy, and follow it further with a higher course. These are potential career paths, very much applied. And the disability support is fabulous. Unlike what we get in schools, here they bend over backwards to get their students through the course. The kids feel like they are accepted as adults (a lot of the students are much older; people getting back into the workforce or changing careers in middle years, sometimes).
TAFES are everywhere. This one is only half an hour's drive from home. There is another, just ten minutes further on. And another, then another, at five to ten minute intervals all the way into the centre of Sydney.

I don't know if you have anything like this, but it's just fabulous for difficult children. Simply marvellous. They gain confidence, they gain skills, they gain qualifications that are very highly valued because of the strong practical element to the course.

I hope that explains a bit.


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Good morning friends,

Marg, glad you took the day to rest.

Kjs, hope that difficult children ankle heals quickly - you don't want him playing on hurt ankle.

Sharon, what a long day you have ahead of you. The pulled pork sounds good - so after your long day I'm sure you can handle company for dinner, right???

Fairly quiet day ahead. Becky homecky stuff, bill paying & out to play (rake) the yard.

Enjoy your Monday - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I hope you got some rest today. I'd be exhausted in your shoes. :warrior:
Kjs- Too cute about difficult child and the classmate! :flower:
Sharon- I hope you have time to breath today... :smile:
Linda- I hope you day stays as calm as you have it planned. :thumb:
I have laundry, groceries, and cleaning. We'll see what gets done, lol. :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: