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Good Morning All,

Long day yesterday but I got a lot accomplished although I never did get to the grocery store. It was my godson's birthday party yesterday and we decided to take along difficult child. He did really well at the party, of course, it didn't last on the way home but at least he held it together at the party. I also got in a nap, a workout, and mowed the lawn!

Today it's back to work. After school I'm hoping to get in a workout-I think a friend and I are walking after school if we both remember to pack our gym bags this morning. Other than that not much planned.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Monday-find reason to smile. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, sounds like a busy day - good for difficult child holding it together at the party. If only it could be all the time.

kt is up & in the shower - ready to be off to school. HMJ is brewing, the cat is in my lap - one of those quiet mornings. I can't wait to sit out on my patio & visit with you guys - just not the right weather as of yet.

Today is a run to pediatrician for test orders for kt (kt doesn't have to be along), grocery store, laundry & bills.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Find a reason to smile.


Good Monday morning!

Sharon, sounds like a busy day. Glad difficult child held it together for the party.

Yesterday was difficult child 1's 14th birthday. We celebrated by playing miniature golf, going to Dave and Buster's for video games (I hate that place, but difficult child 1 had fun), having dinner out and then ice cream cake at home. Whew! We're all tired this morning.

On the agenda today: husband and I have an appointment with difficult child 2's psychiatrist. I have my annual gyn appointment (fun, fun). easy child has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon. And then difficult child 2 has piano lessons. Can you say busy?

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I'm glad the party went well. Enjoy the nap! :thumb:
I've got groceries & few errands today. Duckie is sniffly, I hope she'll make the whole day because she says she's well enough to go to school. :rolleyes:
Have a great day! Hi to any one that snuck in. :smile:


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:coffee: Good Morning on a No-Meltdown-Morning !!!!

Sharon, sounds like a busy but productive Sunday.

Linda, glad kt is up and willing to go to school.

Small, sounds like you had a busy Sunday as well! Hope today is a little quieter for you.

TM, hope duckie is ok and lasts the day. It's a bummer when your in the middle or errands and have to go and pick them up at school.

Everyone is sleeping a little later this morning. Bonehead took the kids to see Spiderman yesterday and they didn't see the show until 7:30. By the time easy child and difficult child got home, it was 10:25. :nonono:

I've just gotten easy child up and will let difficult child sleep an extra little time too.

easy child goes to court to get her driver's license today. They do it kinda wierd here in va. When you finish your behind the wheel, have had your learners for 9 months, are at least 16 and 3 months, the instructor gives you a provisional license. Then the court system, depending on how backed up they are, sets a date for you to appear in front of a judge to get your license. Today is the day at 4:50. :thumb:

difficult child finished his science project yesterday. He is very specific, and always has been, about where things go on the board. So, it's a little out of order and definately crooked, but he did it himself and is very pleased! I am too 'cause that's out of the way! :faint:

Monday, Monday here - grocery, laundry, housework. Wishing everyone a calm Monday :flower:.

Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, I'm glad you're getting those workouts in :smile:!!! I hope both you and your friend remember your gym bags today.

Linda, I'm glad you're having a quiet morning!!! Enjoy that :coffee:!!!

smallworld, Reading about difficult child's birthday celebration is making me tired!!! I'm glad he enjoyed his special day. You have such a BUSY day scheduled - I hope you get a bit of time for yourself this evening :bath: ...

TM, I hope Duckie isn't getting sick!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is ok!!!

Sharon, Time really does fly!!! I remember you telling us when 'easy child was first starting to drive. It's hard to believe she is getting her license today. Way To Go easy child :bravo:!!! I hope difficult child does well on his science project.

Today I've got errands to run, laundry to do, a few calls to make regarding difficult child 2's school issues, and I want to make plans to get together and take husband's aunt out for breakfast. Tonight, husband and I are going to talk to difficult child 1 about the amount of time he is allowed to play computer games on school nights. Hopefully difficult child 1 will manage to keep himself glued together...

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile or laugh today... :flower: WFEN :flower:


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G'day, everybody.

It's late and I've got a big day tomorrow. So much for resting. But I can try to take things as easy as possible. I have to get difficult child 3 into the city for a school exam (one of those state-wide government thingies). So husband is driving all the way to work, I will drive difficult child 3 & myself from there. Then when he is finished I will drive back to husband's railway station and do the shopping there while we wait for him.

difficult child 3 was happy - he got an award from his German teacher for the photos of the cake he baked (Black Forest cake - he did a good job, with help). His English teacher has promised him two awards for his poetry. I wish all his English work was as easy for him.

I'm still fighting vertigo, I'm not too bad if I don't tilt my head forward. I've got an appointment to see the neurologist on Thursday.

For now - it's off to bed. We just got difficult child 3 to bed, I hope he gets enough sleep.

G'night, all.


I hope you're feeling better soon!!! I hope you're able to get lots of rest and that the neurologist has some answers for you!!!
Sending you cyber hugs...WFEN :flower:

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Good morning all,

It was a normal Monday morning, until I fell down the basements stairs - 7 of them! I'm okay but for a few bruises all over. ouch - I'm sure I will be sore later.

difficult child got her car this Saturday! It's a old one, but in excellent shape. She and H buffed out the dull spots and he bought her a new top for her stick shifter (it glows neon blue-ooooh). I have to get it on the road so I can teach her how to drive it now.

easy child was home from college this weekend, we had a real nice time and celebrated Mother's Day early by going out to brunch on Sunday before taking her back. We are selling her car so we can get her into something newer for when she travels to VA on her externship in June. I will be busy this months playing used car dealer. Fun.

Working today, busy - have a great day all (and marg, I hope you're feeling better).