Good Thursday Morning

Wiped Out

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Good Morning,

We're still in the deep freeze here. I think it's the cold that's made me so tired lately. The past two nights I've been so tired I've had to scrap my plans to cook and we had take out instead. Then it's been so cold I get home and curl under my electric blanket where I stay for the night watching tv and reading. I've gone to bed early both nights.Of course, last night we didn't get home til almost 7:00 because difficult child had a 5:00 psychiatrist apt. on the other side of town.

Tonight after work difficult child has wrestling-although it's going to be more of a parent meeting for an upcoming tournament we'll be hosting so both husband and I have to go which means we won't be home til after 7:00 and I absolutely can't do take out again!

I hope everyone has a great day! Stay warm if you're where it's cold. *


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G'day, Sharon. We've got cooler temperatures here, too, although it's extremely humid. Tropical cyclones are pounding the north of Australia and this sometimes means we get a little wet stuff too. We had a lovely thunderstorm last night, but not much rain - enough to water the garden, though, which was the first time in weeks. And we could hear it trickling into the tank - a lovely sound!
This afternoon there were a few fine sprinkles, evaporating as they landed and adding to the humidity. That will probably be all we get.

difficult child 3 is working hard and almost keeping up. We've not been able to get in any swimming for a few days, he's been working late (equivalent of homework). A gusty cool change blew through this afternoon so it would have been nasty on the beach - sand blasting your legs - so we stayed home again.

Maybe tomorrow... but it really does seem like summer has moved in for the long haul here. If we don't get to the beach for a swim tomorrow we may miss out, because the tourists move in for the weekend and we don't get much chance of finding a parking spot then.

Have a good Thursday everyone.



Morning. I love Winter but I do not love below zero temps. easy child doesn't understand why I keep driving her to school on my way to work this week. (in her words DUH) Hope everyone has a positive day. While I sit here next to snoring husband and type at the laptop I am making plans to work for my meager couple of hours this morning and I am telling myself I am going to the Y to work out this morning. (easy child and I are supposed to be doing this together but alas this is not happening so I must motivate myself Yeah Right) Then tonight I take her to drive for Drivers ED. She finishes next week and starts Track next week so not only meetings for the 2 difficult children but now I will have meets to be looking forward to. Sorry long winded good morning. Stay warm those also here in the deep freeze.



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Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon- try and stay warm, i can relate to your cold brr *

Well we may have a heat wave today we may go from 7 up to 20 lol, that will feel so warm :grin:. difficult child got his report card for second quarter yesterday, and has made honor roll again, with 5 a's and a b+. he brought his grades up in three subjects, i am so proud of him, he never got good grades in grade school, and to make honor roll twice! :bravo:Well have a good day every one!


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Good Morning all. :grin:

Sharon, I am doing take out tonight... :grin:

Marg, wish we had some of those warm temps. :frown:

Jen, Busy..Busy... :shocked:

Beth, Congrats to difficult child... :bravo:

Work for me today until 6:30 so that is why I'm doing takeout...think I will pay a visit to the Colonel on the way home. :rofl:

Hoping these cold temps break soon is almost Spring...right???????????? :confused: :grin:

Praying for a peaceful day for all.. :smile:

Hugs and hi to any who snuck in.


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* Good Morning My Mostly Chilly Friends *

Sharon, this is crock pot weather at my house. I usually fire it up twice a week (on the days I work). Thay way it's a no brainer that dinner is ready on those busy days. And, when it's cold outside it's nice to have nice savory hot meal. Stay warm :smile:

Marg, sorry you haven't been able to enjoy the beach and ocean. Hope the weather turns and difficult child picks up the pace a little :cool:.

Beth, good to hear from you this morning. Hope easy child joins you in the workout. Have a great day.

Jen, congrats to easy child for the great report! Wow, what about the heat wave you are having? :smile:

Another busy day here. Work, pick ups, p/t conferences at 5. I'll meet with reg ed and Special Education teacher together, then reg ed teacher will move on and I have another 15 minutes scheduled with Special Education teacher. Won't know his grades until the conference I guess, unless they bring them home today.

Well, you guys know much I want snow. The weather guys are in excited mode here. For the first time this year, we have the chance of having a real "snow event". Not only one chance, but 2. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday! And guess what, easy child and I leave for our drive for shopping in New York on Thursday. :smile: Can't win can I?

Wishing everyone a great Thursday. Keep it warm.



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Good Morning my frosty friends and humid friend, down under. Brrrrr about the temps up north. Not fun. * Stay warm. We have been incredibly warm and balmy. Don't throw snowballs please. The kids had the roof down on the car. It's a little chillier than that but with the heat on it's lovely. I don't think today will be quite as warm but considerably better than the northern neighbors. Remind me of this when it is a scorching 105 this summer.

Wiped out, it's an effort to get out ,work,meetings, extra curricular activities,home, cook and plan for the next day. It's no wonder you are exhausted. Rest up.

Marguerite, it's wonderful that difficult child is keeping up. Good for him. Hope you get to the beach. I found some larger shells the other day. I love them but eventually you can only save so many. Right?

Beth, stay warm. It's nice to see you this bright frosty morning. Maybe you going to work out will give me some incentive. I can't seem to force myself lately.

Raz, congratulations on difficult child's improved grades. Don't get heat stroke from the warm temps. Brrrrr

Cookie, gotta love take out. Even our nice restaurants have take out when you want a healthier meal. I love it. Have a great day at work. I am really curious about the PI thing, since I read mysteries. Let us know when you get a PI assignment. Very cool.

LDM, a drive to NYC? in Feb. Are you sure you don't want to take a train? Good luck with meeting with teachers and hearing the results of difficult children grades. Have fun in NY with easy child. Sounds like fun.

difficult child is going to the workforce center. They have job fairs on thursday. He is in good spirits. Who knows? He has a small job with a friend doing some painting and organizing. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am going to visit with a friend,today, I haven't seen in months. In addition to the normal suburban mom stuff that I do.
I am off for another cup of :smile:


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Good morning, I'm running late AGAIN! Stay warm or cool depending on your needs. Enjoy your home-cooked or take-out meals. Congrats on the honor roll and good luck with the conference!
Have a great day!!! :smile:
Sharon, Hope you manage to stay WARM today!!! I usually serve pasta and yes, bagged salad, (sometimes I'll add other veggies to it) when I'm in a rush. I bet difficult child is excited about the upcoming wrestling tournament!!!

Marg, Hope you get to go swimming tomorrow!!! I wish I could join you!!! Its still cold * here although not quite as cold as its been.

Beth, Hope you get motivated enough for a :smile:!!! I find that when I want to do them the least is when I need them the most!!!

Jen, Excellent news about difficult child's report card!!! Way To Go difficult child :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:!!!

Cookie, Stay WARM, hope work goes well, and enjoy the Colonel (spelling?)!!! When I was pregnant with difficult child 1, all I could think about was the Colonel's mashed potatoes. Normally I HATE mashed potatoes!!! I haven't eaten them since... However, if you want to share some of the chicken...

Sharon, Hope your conferences go well!!! I hope you get just a dusting of :smile:-
Just enough to make things pretty but not enough to interfere with your shopping trip.

Fran, My fingers are crossed for difficult child - I hope the job fair goes well!!! I'm following your difficult child's progress closely. I know before long, my difficult children will be in positions similar to the one your difficult child is in. I'm glad he got a minor job with a friend. Speaking of friends, it is always nice when you are able to visit a friend that you haven't seen in awhile. Enjoy your visit!!! Another cup of :smile: sounds good!!!

Well, after another :smile: or two... I've got to get rolling!!! A bit of work and then I want to check up on husband's aunt before I have to pick difficult child 1 up at school.

Hope :smile: everyone has a "melt-down" free difficult child day!!! WFEN


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Did someone call me? Oh no, that was just Coookie telling Jen she was busy. Got it.

Have a great day all!!!

timer lady

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Good morning all,

Sharon, I'm blaming the cold for my level exhaustion - just the next thing down the list. Take care of yourself, sweetie.

Marg, I'm glad that difficult child is working so hard - sounds like he's invested himself in his education.

Robby, another adventure on your plate today - I expect to see a book or two out of all of your exploits in self employment. LOL

Sharon, good luck with the conferences & such. A trip to NYC to shop, hmmmm. Think I'll pass on that one. Have fun!

Fran, enjoy your time out with your friend.

TM, hate to see you running so late so early in the morning. Hope you find time to catch your breath.

WFEN, enjoy your day today. Find time for you.

It is so very cold this morning - hate to have to go out. However I have a few appointments & errands to take care of this morning; this afternoon.

Have a good one - I'm sorry if I missed greeting anyone.

Stay warm!


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Stay warm everyone (except ya'all in TX with-the roof down!!! LOL).
Today is much better... difficult child is getting over his cold, husband got up at 6 a.m. and gave difficult child his medications early, let difficult child go back to sleep for an hr... kids are calm and off the school, I've got the house to myself and don't have to be anywhere for 2 hrs.
Makes up for yesterday, the day from h*ll. Whew.


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Good morning all. Well today I don't believe we are going to be in sub zero temperatures, which is great to hear, still cold but not as cold as the past few days. * It's going to be another busy day for us here on the phone with various services as well as psychiatric hospital, hope it's a productive day. :warrior:
I wish everyone a wonderful day. :smile: