Good Tuesday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    It's a cloudy morning but it is suppose to turn sunny and beautiful with a high of 77! This will be 3 beautiful days in a row here although there is no breeze today.

    Today is going to be spent running from one appointment to another. This morning difficult child has a therapist appointment (husband will take him) and I have a dentist and chiro appointment. This afternoon husband has a therapist appointment and I will take difficult child to his eye appointment. I'm hoping to fit in a nap at some point especially since difficult child has me up so early!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Tuesday.

    Sharon/WO, I hope your weather is lovely for you today as expected. Good luck with fitting in a nap - quite a tall order! Unless you do what I do, and catnap in the car. Our days here are warming up - tomorrow is forecast to be in the mid 20's - that's roughly mid 70s, F.

    I had a busy day today but it did all pull together. difficult child 3 drove the first leg and amazed me by out of the blue commenting on our lovely quiet bush road, "This reminds me of that Robert Frost poem." I took over at the highway, we were running late.
    We were about 15 minutes late to difficult child 3's appointment but we got everything covered. From there we headed for difficult child 3's school. Once there we had about four things to deal with - a private lesson for difficult child 3; a couple of meetings for me; handing difficult child 3's laptop over to be upgraded (the laptop is the free one from the Federal government, part of the stimulus package but also part of the education upgrade promised before the GFC; these laptops can not have software installed except by the school technician or they turn into a brick). The laptop upgrade will take a few days, I might be back in on Friday, I should be able to pick it up then.

    We headed off from there at 1 pm, my next appointment (bone mineral density) was 2 pm. It's all part of the post-cancer treatment so there were other people to see as well. The nuclear medicine people organised the researcher to turn up with the pathology request forms and other paperwork, so I came out of the test to find her waiting with husband & difficult child 3. From there to pathology, and then to the cancer centre waiting room (and the knitting baskets!). I mentioned to the researcher that I was supposed to contact the breast care nurses also, and she organised it for me. Everything coordinated. Next thing, the breast care nurse turned up. Because the doctor was running late, we grabbed that time to go into a private room and discuss prostheses. It looks like I will get a partial prosthesis, she gave me some phone numbers of people to call to organise a fitting. She had a sample for me to try out, it made such a difference!

    Because we had everything done, once I saw the doctor we were able to head off out of the city. A good thing, because husband had to get to the mechanic to collect his car. At the mechanic's, husband collected his car while I let difficult child 3 take the wheel of my car. We only had a few kilometres to go (heading for difficult child 3's drama class) but he was extra happy when, as he drove up, one of the parents was there to see him driving, and then another classmate (and good friend) arrived. Because so many of these classmates are more handicapped than difficult child 3, he is actually the only one learning to drive (or able to drive) even though he's one of the younger ones. So having his friends see him made him feel important. The other older ones are generally happy to not be driving - legally they could learn if they wanted to.

    After drama class, husband & I headed to our favourite Chinese restaurant while difficult child 3 got a pizza. He's promised to come to the bistro with us in a fortnight.

    I let difficult child drive home - he did a good job. But boy, are we tired! husband had a day off today but I think he is going to need to be back at work tomorrow for a rest!

    Tomorrow I have a quieter day - I'm getting my hair done, that is all. Tonight I came home, unpacked stuff and got into bed. I've still got a few things to do before I properly go to bed, but I love my laptop! Bed is my second office.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  3. Fran

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    Good morning ladies.
    Sharon, I envy your mellowing temps. It's not going to be too much longer until we have the same. Glad you are having appts out of the way. I need to have the boys eyes examined this week.

    Marguerite, congrats to difficult child 3 for progressing with driving and being a relief for you. It's tiresome to drive everywhere and take care of all the details. I love my laptop too. It goes where I go.

    easy child and I are going to replenish his school supplies and maybe go to lunch. husband is hoping to take Friday off to spend the day with his son's. difficult child is pretty focused on his upcoming birthday and his transition into the next chapter of his life.

    It's August in NC and so it is hot but it's tolerable. I must force myself to get out and take care of some official car stuff.

    Have a pleasant day.