Good Tuesday morning

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Okay, it's real early on Tuesday morning, but morning none the less. Struggling to sleep & thought I'd check in here.

We've had a good holiday weekend - kt was mostly stable. Of course, with school this morning comes the usual anxiety & all the various ailments accompanying kt's anxiety. :hammer:

I'm supposed to golf this morning - tee time at 9:30; given I haven't slept yet I doubt I'll make that time. Other than that, in home therapist is scheduled for kt today.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Find a reason to laugh today. It's the best medicine - don'cha know? :smile:


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I hope you can get some sleep Linda. Sorry to hear about kt's anxiety - I don't know how you manage it, but here I've found I just have to live with it, dealing with difficult child 3 as each problem hits. Reassurance and talking it through, we can't continue with anything while he's fretting.

We're in the downhill run before our holiday. difficult child 3 is beavering away at his schoolwork, doing a lot of work at the moment. I'm trying to get more work from his teachers but the only one who has sent me more is his English teacher, who had already said to get difficult child 3 to write a diary of the trip, as his work. We've already got his Science work, some extra bits arrived today. There is enough German to go on with. But other subjects - nada.

I popped out briefly this morning to put a big envelope of completed schoolwork in the mail - and that's when another of his teachers rang! I rang back as soon as I got home, but still haven't connected. This is the main frustration with this type of schooling - all in all, it's far preferable to mainstream attendance.

I talked to husband - we've got some errands to run on Friday, I have to see the neurologist for some last-minute middle-ear tweaking, so if the work hasn't come in by Friday morning's mail, we're driving into the city to visit the school and physically collect what we can. I'll be ringing them in the morning (Wednesday) to tell them this, if it hasn't come by 11 am.

And somewhere in this I'll have to pack! Tomorrow we do washing for the last time before we leave, plus last-minute cooking of freezer supplies for those staying (difficult child 1 & girlfriend, sometimes; easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2, the whole time). I have to make a list of chores - chooks to feed, budgies to care for, plants to water. House rules - I just don't want to be worrying. Trying to keep difficult child 3 calm in a volcanic country is going to be purgatory enough. He's phobic about volcanoes - I'm hoping this trip cures him. Plus his science teacher has given him some work to do on volcanoes and continental drift to do, so hopefully the cure is also going to include education.

Someone asked me to post itinerary on Watercooler - I'll do this. I just didn't want to bore you all too soon.

Enjoy your Tuesday.



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Good Morning Linda and Marguerite. It is bright and early.

Linda, hope tee time goes off without a hitch.

Marguerite, hope the neurologist appointment goes well.

I'm up because the soon to be high school graduates got in late/early and were playing Grey's Anatomy trivia game. They were a bit loud. LOL. In the meantime, I have to leave at 4:30AM for the airport with baby sis and the nephews. We will see them in 5 wks when we hook up for a family vacation. No point in returning to bed.

difficult child called and is having a great time. He is already sad to leave his friends. I'll make another airport run this afternoon to retrieve him. :crying: It would be so good if they could work something out and socialize more often.

My easy child graduates this evening. It's the end of an era. I'm surprisingly nostalgic but soooooo ready to not have to chase after the teens to do what they are supposed to. They leave Wed. for a summer of work. Can't wait until they have to take care of their own apartment for 3 months. :rofl: It will be quiet without all the teens running through the house. I think we have had 2 or 3 flop here for the night, every night since school was out.

The weekend of rain seems over. The lakes have recovered and we should be out of water rationing status. We will see. In the meantime, it is green outside. Now we hope for relatively comfortable temps this summer.

Anyhow, I'm rambling because I have a million things running around my head.
I hope you have a day where you feel grateful for your kids. (we can dream can't we?) :rofl:


good morning to all

You sure are up early. i sometimes wonder how some of you can be up and on the board so early with your hectic schedules. Me..I am at work. i have to be awake.

Fran - graduation. i cry just hearing the music. Enjoy
TimerLady - enjoy the golfing. Great exercise.
Marg - sounds like a week of errands for you.

I have no plans today. Finish work, sleep. Didn't get much yesterday. Baseball game tonight. I enjoy those so much. Hoping it doesn't get rained out.

Have a great day.

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Good Morning,

Linda-I hope you have gotten some sleep by now and somehow manage to get some golfing even if the time has to be moved back!

Marguerite-Wow-you sound so busy collecting work to take on vacation, cooking, etc.. Don't tire yourself out too much getting ready to go.

Fran-Wow-easy child graduating tonight-congrats to him! It sure will be quiet around your house-I can't even imagine what that will be like. I'm glad difficult child had such a good time.

Kjs-Enjoy the baseball game. If you're anywhere near where I am in Wisconsin they have put off the rain til tomorrow!

I was up way too late last night reading My Sister's Keeper-at the end I was heavily sobbing!

Today I'm taking my kids on a field trip to a park to meet their pen pals-they play and we eat pizza!

No appointments scheduled the whole week-geez I won't know what to do with myself!

Enjoy your day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :princess:


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Wiped out, my easy child had to read My Sister's Keeper for school. It was an eye opening moment for him. He saw a great deal of my difficult child in the character in the book. I have seen easy child turn from acting as if difficult child is invisible or a toddler to having more empathy. It made him realize how easy it is to be cruel when you depersonalize someone and make them an it.
I am grateful that I wasn't the one to put this book on easy child but his choice. He also came to realize that he isn't the only one put upon by a special needs sibling.


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:smile: Good Tuesday Morning!

Linda, I certainly hope that you were able to go back to bed and get some rest! Hope kt returns to school this morning without incident.

Now Marg, you are doing cooking for your grown kids while you are gone :surprise:????!!!!!! Well, I think it is only fair that they take care of the chores while you are away. They are fortunate that you are leaving meals for them. Here in the states, not many parents of twenty-something year-olds would be cooking for their kids before they go away! Hope difficult child gets all his work and his anxiety stays in control.

Fran, sounds like a bittersweet day at your house. I know that I will definately miss the teens at my house. I had four boys and three girls over here for most of the afternoon and into the evening yesterday. I don't believe it will be the same with difficult child. I enjoy that easy child and her friends feel comfortable here. Make sure you have a couple tissues in your purse tonight :kisses:!!!

K, enjoy your day without too much activity. Everyone should have a good boring day from time to time :rofl:

Sharon, sounds like a fun day at school today! Glad to hear your week is a little quieter than the last couple :thumb: Have fun today.

Even though it's Tuesday, it will be a Monday for me! Which of course, means laundry and housework. Not an awful lot but enough to keep my busy while the kid are in school today.

We had a great holiday weekend. The kids were good, our cookout went great Sunday evening, and I got a nap yesterday!!!!

Wishing everyone a great day :smile:



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Good morning. :coffee: You early risers make me feel like a slacker! :rofl:
Linda- I hope you caught up on your sleep and got there for your tee time. I know it's important to you. :thumb:
Marg- I'm getting vicariously excited about "our" trip, lol! :smile:
Fran- I hope you get in a nap between airport runs and graduation. :faint:
Kjs- Enjoy your quiet day, baseball sounds fun. :thumb:
Sharon- Meeting pen pals sounds like lots of fun! :smile:
LDM- Glad the weekend went well, have fun keeping busy today. :thumb:
Well, Duckie made it through yesterday with virtually easy child behavior, despite having substantially shorted herself on sleep the night before. :wink: The kids at her dance school did great on the showcase. It's kind of a rehearsal to the recital. :princess: She had fun with her friends and was mostly appropriate. A friend took her two girls, another girl & Duckie on the tilt-a-whirl. The friend commented upon getting off that Duckie wins a prize for the loudest ear piercing scream... That's my girl, lol! :wink:
Duckie is back to school today. I have volunteering and a routine doctor appointment. A quiet day otherwise. :whew:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: