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    So, Mandy is the black lab we got from the youth facility training program. She is jet black except for four white hairs on top of her nose that you can see if you are looking for them. We call her "the stealth dog" because you can't see her unless she is on a light background!

    Bubba is getting older, and while he enjoys getting treats (twisted rawhide) he only eats one or maybe two a day. But out of habit, he asks for them, less often than he used to. Mandy steals them when he abandons them. She is such a goofball about it, though.

    husband is going into work very early tomorrow for work that has to be done middle of the night on Sunday morning. So he was in bed at 8:15. Bubba and Mandy made one last appeal for a treat and got it, then I told them we were done. They both went into the bedroom and layed down with daddy. About ten minutes later, Mandy tiptoes out of the bedroom. I mean seriously - she tiptoes! Her head and tail is down like I won't see her. :tongue: Then she sniffs around the living room until she finds Bubba's abandoned treat. She picks it up, and wanders around looking for a place to hide to eat it. She prefers to take stolen treats outside and eat them, as though no one will see her. But it's late and I'm not letting her out again. So she keeps coming up to me with the big puppy dog eyes and Bubba's treat hanging out of her mouth, begging me to let her out so she can eat this thing in secret! :rofl: She would never make it as a difficult child! She finally gave up and took it to a dark corner to eat. Stealth dog with a stealth treat!
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    And I thought Betsy was bad. She won't chew a bone unless Molly has one too. But here's the catch, she only wants the bone Molly has. So she'll snitch it when Molly isn't looking. Molly will go get the one Betsy had, then Betsy wants that one. lol
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    I swear, aren't they like kids? My two have their funny ways about treats and their toys- one has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (it must be) and the other surely has CD (I know- it means it's my fault). Shoot- they are smart and know just how to get what they want from us- even that manipulation, Witz, of looking at you that certain way so you'd open the door again. Mean ole' woman! LOL!! You must have learned all those tricks from being a warrior mom!
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    LOL!! If you steal a treat, you can eat it here and now! I'm not getting up again because I can see it in your mouth, and I don't care! ;)
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    Does she give lessons? Maybe she could teach my birds a thing or two about being QUIET. I wouldn't care what they stole.

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    Dogs can be so darn funny and sneaky! My black lab mix waits to steal treats or anything she shouldn't have till we aren't around. One time difficult child came down in the morning looking for some powdered donuts I bought the night before. Except for the two husband and easy child had eaten, Ella had gobbled down the ten that had been left in their package on the breakfast bar.

    Another time when I was trying to break up a fight with the kids I turned around and she was in my chair at the table eating the rest of my cereal!
  7. Star*

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    Stealth Dog - ROFLMTREATOFF......

    I need pictures!

    Stealth treat.........OMG......(snort)

    -I KNOW those eyes - that's Casper when he stealths Pooties treats because she is a delicate little lady and he's an inhaler.
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    I swear, I put down both bowls of food tonight, and Bubba wasn't feeling too well. I walked out of the room, back in not 45 seconds later, and Mandy had eaten both bowls! Those black labs will eat anything!

    Last winter the news had some film of a black lab sitting on a block of ice floating down the river. It was the sad heroic story of how it was rescued. After the story the newsguy says "You know it was out there because he thought there was food. He's a lab..." :rofl:
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    Labs are such goofballs! You have to love them!
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    How funny!

    I swear my dog is part ape, part cat and part thief. For such a tiny little thing he can get into almost anyplace I hide things. He opens drawers, he climbs, he opens packages. Nothing is safe from him.

    I had stuck some candy in my bedside table drawer to eat after I take my night time medications. I go in there later that evening...ALL GONE! He steals our remotes, empties pockets, and was even caught yesterday trying to make a cellphone call!

    When caught...he jumps up, snuggles, gives kisses, and runs into his