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    ok- I posted earlier about that stress and anxiety suppliment I got from GNC. Then I tried to google it and saw my post when I googled. YIKES....NOW what. difficult child WILL google this and he is going to see my post....WITH my signature and everything. How do I make it go away?????
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    edit your post so the googled word is not spelled in a way that will show up on searches. I do that sometimes but inevitably, someone will reply and spell it out. LOL! The only other thing is to delete it altogether.
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    Something else you might not know - Google uses cookies from sites you've been to, so that the search is more relevant to you. If you clear your history it may not come up; but even if it does, it shouldn't under another user's login.
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    How do you edit the title. I tried and it still didn't change. If the entire post was deleted would it go away from google or would it be too late? Help. And if someone can delete it please do so...or change it..if it's not too late.
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    Thanks..It has been deleted. Still shows when you google but when you click on it it says invalid link. Thanks everyone. I will misspell from now on!
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    I'm glad you brought this up, kjs. In order for this site to be helpful to the most people, it's important that relevant search terms land it high on google searches. I was searching for something totally unrelated to the purpose of this board and one of our Watercooler posts showed up on page 2 of a google search.

    It would be a very good idea for everyone to take a look at their signatures, their locations, and avatars and see if you are identifiable through that information, and if so and it's a concern, make adjustments. Don't just think about now--think ahead to when kids are older, are in high school or college, searching the internet, searching for employment, etc, because posts are archived here as well as elsewhere on the web. The board can still function well as an important support system to parents, but there is no guaranteed privacy anywhere in cyberspace and it's likely in the best interest of kids represented here to remain as private and unidentified as possible.
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