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    Have any of you done this? It certainly is interesting. The report is divided into columns "Use as Directed," "Moderate Gene-Drug Interaction," and "Significant Gene-Drug Interaction" with numbers 1-6 on each drug listed in the "Significant" category. Those numbers describe what the problem is with each of those drugs, such as "Serum level may be too high, lower dosage may be required," as well as the opposite, "genotype may impact drug mechanism of action and result in reduced efficacy" and "Use of this drug may increase risk of side effects."

    Really interesting was that all of the drugs that grandson has tried over the years and that haven't worked are listed in the "Moderate" or "Significant gene-drug interaction." And the drug he's currently on, Ability, is in the "Significant gene-drug interaction," saying that he needs a far higher dose. And with things like Librium, Valium, and those things, his doses would need to be far lower than prescribed. So, he's going to try Buspar Anti-anxiety medication, which is in the "Use as Directed category, and after two weeks, we are going to start getting him off the Abilify. The doctor said it's not working anyway because he's still having so many problems.

    I don't know how accurate this test is, but so far, it has squared with our experience. Interesting stuff. And his insurance company paid for it, even though it's not FDA approved. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences about this.
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    We had the tests for our daughters. And it seemed like the info was good. Things that were to calm her down made her irritable and rage.

    I think it can be useful, but once she reached 18...she refused medications, even though it seemed to be helping.

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    Our doctors have said the science just isn't there yet for this testing. That said, I think for some people the results can be so clear that it doesn't matter if the larger population benefits from the info. I've posted my doctors thoughts on this (an email from her to me) on this forum. You could search it out to find out her specific objections--helpful or not.
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    Yes, so I was surprised that the insurance covered it. I know they do these tests when starting other types of medications so I think and hope the science is coming along. Well, the price was right (so far), and did square with our observations, so we'll wait and see.