Gotta go to Kmart, its where the entertainment's at.


I had to go to the pharmacy last night. easy child 2 was doing homework and difficult child 2 was bugging her, so I took him with me.

I dropped off the prescriptions, thankfully there was no one else in line. Then we went to look at toys to pass the time.

difficult child 2 did great...until he found the Lego Sharks and Submarines he's been seeing advertised on TV and wants desperately. (he LOVES Legos). I said no, and when it was time to go back to the pharmacy, he was doing pretty good. When he saw me pull out the checkbook, tho, all you-know-what broke lose. I covered his mouth, I had restrained him, nothing stopped him, so I ignored.

I finally did get him to sit on the bench behind me, and of course, the people were confused, couldn't find the script, made a mistake with it, etc etc etc, in addition to being about 7 other people in line now, and all the while from behind me in a tiny Carhart coat, at the top of his lungs,
screaming "YOU'RE A F-ING WEENIE HEAD MOM!" and other equally colorful statements.

And the more I ignored, the louder he yelled. Had I not had to have the scripts, normally I would have left, but I didn't have that option, so....for 15 minutes that seemed like an eternity, I ignored this, while the other patrons tried to figure out which of the other ignoring patrons
that screaming monster belonged to. The Pharmacist finally asked if he was mine, they were afraid he'd been abandoned. LOL Great.

So, you shoulda shopped at Kmart last night.

Or, maybe not.

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Is it K-Mart? Last time I saw a child have an episode in public was at K-Mart. Mom had four kids, the youngest definately had some going on with him. The three older children were angels but the youngest obviously couldn't control his behavior. Mom handled the return that she was there to do while the oldest brother tried unsuccessfully to calm the little boy who was yelling and crying. The older brother seemed so protective and loving to his little brother. I felt really sorry for the whole family.


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I think its any store ending in -mart. I have seen or participated in some doozys in the several Marts. Even I have lost it a time or two. LOL. Personally I think it is the lighting along with some chemical they use to clean the flooring. I start itching within minutes of entering a walmart.
Very creative - I've never heard "F_CKIN' WEENIE HEAD" before. My difficult children seem to be stuck on F-CKIN' B-TCH... We've provided the entertainment in many Wal-Marts in the past. Life with difficult children is never boring!!! I'de gladly settle for a bit of boredom right about now!!! Hope tonight goes more smoothly... Hang in there. WFEN


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Oh I am so sorry to laugh with you, but I read your post twice just to be sure I had the vernacular down correct because I "relish" this post.

The F word while boarish is usually spewed out in conjunction with other adult curse words AND

weanie-head seems so kindergarten that when he put the two together in a sentence it's just


Hugs and Buns
Oscar Mayer

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I'm sorry your night was such a pain. I hate when we have no options but to be somewhere with our difficult children when they are melting down. Rest assured you are not alone.

Starb-you have me rofl with your signature! :rofl:


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The Pharmacist finally asked if he was mine, they were afraid he'd been abandoned. LOL Great.

[/ QUOTE ]

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am so sorry to laugh, Shari, but that is so darn funny.

I feel your pain, friend. There was a long, long, really long time if I couldn't get there when the boys were in preschool/school/babysitter, I didn't even bother. Ack, I can imagine how you felt standing there. I'm sorry.


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Man, I missed the drama - not like any of us haven't seen it before.

I'm sorry that things went so poorly at the store.

Keep you chin up! :warrior:


I guess I forgot to add that as much as this was a vent, I somehow managed to walk away with the humor of this, as well. I, myself, rarely go to the -Mart stores, and our pharmacy I normally use is a tiny mom-and-pop without even an automated pricing thingy... this was a rare exception on many fronts, including having difficult child.
Star, you'll be happy to know that another frequently tossed out phrase included PP, to go with that big F. And a lot of others that were blurted one time, so didn't really have the impact...
Hope everyone's having a melt-down free night.
I'm heading to bed, an early night for once!
This afternoon, as I was reading the new responses I hadn't seen yet, I had to laugh when I read the last line of Nomad's response. There were many, many, many times I thoroughly enjoyed leaving husband at home with the kids, and going anywhere ALONE!!! Even having my teeth cleaned was a treat!!!

Sometimes, when the kids were small, I would put them all in the car, put on some tunes, and tell them we were going on a trip to "nowhere". I'de go to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts drive- through, order a large coffee, and just drive...

The car seemed to calm the kids and this was usually the only peace I got!!!

I think humor is a great thing. It's only when we loose our sense of humor, do we know we are in serious trouble... Here's hoping that the next outing goes smoothly... WFEN


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Had to tell you the car....after telling and laughing at your FWH story to DF last night. We're driving down 77 hwy, and a guy for no reason cuts us off. Out of the mouth of the sweetest, kindest man....I hear "YOU F'(#& WeanieHEad) after the shock wore off it WAS funny. And so with it being funny and him being a MAN he added MORE....and I sat there thinking "I could be home washing the grout around the toilet in the hall bath"... Then I suggested he get an evaluation for Tourettes.

Some days I'm soooooo sorry I mention the antics of difficult child's on the SO feeds his fire.

Thanks for the FWH...its here to STAY



Jeez--I got upset when ex-difficult child called me "poopie face" in a store when he was 7.

I guess I'm not a :warrior: after all.

I stay out of --Marts to avoid witnessing these scenes. I'm sorry your trip was so stressful.



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we had a brand new superwlmart open in my town today- huge deal cuz we have been seriously short of places to shop, here.
To my delite, the aisles are SUPER wide. there are sitting benches all over thruout the store. the toy section is an entire state away from the grocery section. Pharmacy is way way over on another planet. Why am I glad? CUz my kids have been known to lay down on the darned floor- and in the stores in my county, then noone could walk past. There is somuch room in this huge new store- 10 kids could lay in an aisle and people could stil get thru, LOL>

Last time one of my kids pitched a fit when I did not buy them something, I pouted, bit my lip and then shreiked in their face- BUT YOU NEVER BUY ME WHAT I WANT EITHER. THen I told them it was time for them to climb into the cart cuz they were acting like a 2 year old instead of a 6 year old......LOL. They were then surprised I wheeled us to diaper aisle and asked what kind they wanted.
After checkout by the gumball machines, I beat them to it and began to cry and chant I want a gumball, give me money. Freaked my kids out. I have also threatened to dig out my reciept and return them to get mymoney back.
They hate when I get strange in a store, cuz they remind me--they might know someone in the store.

I miss working nites and stopping at store on my way home from work at 2 am when there are no kids.mine or anyone elses.

Lately my worst nitemares happen in the ........laundrymat. ACK.


Should I add how much difficult child 2 likes the oscar mayer weiner-mobile and that Santa brought him one for Christmas? Perhaps it should be renamed????
Star, I'm so glad DF likes it. It makes my life feel so much more worthwhile when its giving something of value to someone else. ROFLMAO

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I think Kmart, Target, and Walmart all have subliminal messages telling children to act like animals. :rofl: I am sorry for giggling. I have been there so many times.



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Dreamer, I'm with you - embarrass the heck out of the kids often enough and they're too scared to pull a crazy stunt. Some of the things I've done I couldn't put here because the censor would make them too cryptic, after taking out half the words. But it worked, and I didn't say anything unacceptable (well, not individual words, but when you put them together in context...). And now, even difficult child 1's friends are too scared to try and shock me, they're scared of me upping the ante.

That's not to say I don't have standards - I do. But the kids know I have the capacity to embarrass them far more than they can embarrass me, even in their wildest dreams (or nightmares).

I've never had difficult child 3 throw a really bad tantrum at the pharmacy, but we're lucky. We're well-known where we go. I HAVE seen our pharmacist quietly say to a frazzled parent, "Leave the script here, I'll drop it round to your place on my lunch break." Or he will speak to the kid himself. He's a lovely, gentle man, but a non-parent speaking to a kid throwing a tantrum can sometimes shut a kid off.

Another comment I've heard, especially in our pharmacy when a kid is being difficult (and he know the parents well enough) - "Now THERE'S a good argument for using contraception!"

I remember reading about a kid throwing a noisy tantrum on a plane, mid-air. The stewardess leaned over to the kid and said, "Little boy, would you like to go and play OUTSIDE?"
Apparently the kid shut up for the rest of the trip.

I've saved up a lot of comments to help laugh off situations like this.
"That's what I get for having a raunchy affair with Satan a few years ago."
"I KNEW I shouldn't have let him drink an entire bottle of red cordial extract, with a coffee chaser."
"We're trialling a new energy bar - double guarana, double caffeine, and all the colouring they can pack in between the peanuts."
She's practising for the 'before' in a commercial about child sedatives."

I like to plan ahead. At the last film rehearsal/technical set-up, difficult child 3 lost his spare Nintendo DS stylus. He had people with mikes & headsets holding up the shoot while they ran around searching the floor of a HUGE hall for a tiny grey stick. My primo donno couldn't go on until it was found. I was so embarrassed, and had no quick quip ready. I felt even more embarrassed when they announced loudly, "It's OK, it's been found. We can get back to work now."
Well, they did ask for autistic kids! (two days more, two days more...)



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Sorry you had such a fiasco. I stay as far away as I can from all of those big stores. I fill my prescriptions by mail or by CVS...and guess what...we now have a drive thru pharmacy for prescriptions. You should definately see if there are any drive thru pharmacy's in your area. Drive thru means no getting out and looking at all the "stuff" that the kids just love. It has been a real savior for us.