grandmother finally got wake up call!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by prayerful, Nov 17, 2007.

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    I have been explaining things to my grandmother asking for advice figured because she was older she might have some insight!
    and she would always take up for my son and act as though i was making things up in order justify me descliping him.(lol)

    Ok i allowed him to go with her yesterday after he came home from school because he did so well i figured i would let that be his reward for the day plus it would be time that i needed for me!

    Well about 9:30 last night i get a phone call from my GM(grandmother) she says that he threw his plate on the floor and refuse to eat his vegatables and tried to hit my aunt and he started to cry when she told him she was going to call me .
    i just listened to her tell me how scary it was and that he really shocked her , but i've been telling her that he has these outburst in school at home at church anywhere she thought i was lying now she tells me i need to get him help!
    i said look i have been doing this and telling you but you didn't believe me so all i told her is that i am doing all i can and if she can help me fine if not this is going to take time and that he is in counseling and he has a evaulation coming up with the school after thanksgiving!she said now i see why you say you feel stress and that you are at the end of your rope she finally got it ! :hammer:
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    What a relief! It's so hard when no one around us understands what we are going through and having to deal with. Hopefully she can help you with this now that she understands better.
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    now i see why you say you feel stress and that you are at the end of your rope she finally got it !

    Woo hoo! The wish of every mom of a difficult child.
    I hope she becomes a support and advocate.
    Take care.
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    At long last! Here's hoping she stays on your side and doesn't slide back into easy denial once he's no longer under her roof. It's a common problem - "Maybe he wasn't so bad after all, maybe I was just tired and oversensitive to him, poor little darling..."

    It may take repeat visits with grandma for her to permanently 'get it'.

    But this is a great start!