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Did anything good happen to anyone?


Even Callie's promotion is marred by her lousy marriage.

And the cliffhanger leaves the possibility of Addison (already confirmed), Burke and George all easily being written out of the script for next season.



And Christina?

:sad: :sad: :sad:



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Poor Christina sure blew it, didn't she? Dang, if you think about it, the only thing that could go on much with their story line would be Lexie Grey!


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I thought Christina's acting was supurb last night. Loved her lines, especially when she said she and Meredith don't do failing so she didn't know how to help her. At the end I thought she was relieved that she wasn't getting married, upset that Burke was gone, but couldn't wait to get out of the confining wedding dress and as a symbol of how she was feeling trapped. Loved the shaved eyebrows.

I'm sorry they promoted Callie over Bailey who I think deserved it more. I felt bad for Bailey when George failed and she asked if she failed him.

Burke can leave cuz don;t like him anyway. I think he's controlling and has a temper. But if George leaves I'll really be sad.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>It wasn't my favorite episode. It was just too contrived. Mer's sister in the bar,George's failing the exam,Callie beating out Bailey for the chief resident were just so out there.

I agree that Christina did a marvelous job of acting. The best ever. I loved the eyebrows and the two mothers. It was the first time I really liked the Christina character. She was so human.

I loved the Preston Burke from the first season. The characters all seemed to have become derailed from the personalities that made them loveable.
Derek and Mer are about ready to make me knock their two heads together. Ugh! Sorry, I loved them before but now they are just annoying.
I'm hoping the next season picks up some of the sparkle the first few seasons had.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>I agree with Fran, they changed the characters personalities....The interesting turn was Lexie...Burke and Christina have been doing this wedding dance for about three shows and he chooses the wedding day to finally say it ain't happening? Guess the writers just wanted to shake things up????</span>
Well, like usual, I missed the first forty minutes or so. I did see Christina tear that necklace off. (Which necklace was in the shape of a dog collar/choker ~ did anyone else notice that?)

But I missed everything else.

If it is on again tonight, I will try to catch it from the beginning ~ but the show has deteriorated so badly that I watch it now as much to come in here and talk about it with all of you as I do for the show itself.

So George did not pass his Boards?!?

While Callie was promoted? (I sure did not see that one coming.)

And...who shaved her eyebrows?



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Hi Barbara,

The choker was forced on Christina by future mother in law because "all of the Burke women wear it on their wedding day"---she is also responsible for shaving off Christina's eyebrows- guess she didn't approve of them either. :hammer: Talk about a future "Monster-in-Law"! :grrr:

George did not pass the exam.

It's not on again here from my tv listings.



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Shonda's blog:

Shonda Rhimes on Burning Down The House...
Original airdate: 5/17/07

So the third season began with Meredith helping Izzie remove her prom dress and ended with Meredith helping Cristina get out of her wedding gown. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but…I like a little symmetry.

This season was important to me. It wasn’t as light as Season Two and for good reason – our characters were in a darker place. I needed to put Meredith’s mother to rest, Izzie’s grief to rest, and the race for Chief to rest. George needed to grow up on a monumental level and then come full circle to where he was when we first met him in the pilot. Meredith had to finally try to face the fact that she’s damaged when it comes to relationships. I wanted to put Bailey on the path of questioning her standing as The Chosen One. Both Burke and Derek needed to hit a relationship wall, each in their own ways. And then there’s Cristina…

Oh, the Cristina of it all. What this season is about most of all – for all of our women – is the idea of “having it all” is a myth. And that was true for Cristina more than anyone. Slowly, over the course of the season, we’ve watched as hard-nosed Yang sliced off little pieces of herself to accommodate Burke. From helping Burke hide his tremor to Colin Marlowe telling her she’s not the woman he knew to prepping for the wedding, she slowly morphs from kickass surgeon-girl into a woman we don’t quite recognize in that wedding dress with penciled eyebrows. I wanted you to have the feeling in the finale that she’s become this painted doll – beautiful, everyone’s fantasy bride, but a painted doll all the same. No longer our Cristina. There’s that wonderful moment where she begs Bailey to let her cut because a part of her knows she’s becoming someone she doesn’t recognize. And then, just as she’s lost almost all of herself standing there in that gown ready to walk down the aisle, Burke is telling her that he can’t marry her. Because even Burke realizes that this Cristina is not his Cristina. It’s devastating. I hope you noticed that in the beginning of the episode Cristina talks about a heart as a purely anatomical thing (“it pumps blood”) and then Burke’s vows are all about the heart as an emotional thing (“I promise to lay my heart in the palm of your hands”) and it’s so sad to realize that they have completely opposing views of the world. I feel for Burke and you should too because he knows that, in a way, by leading, pushing, cajoling her down this path to being together, he’s done this to her – he’s changed her. That the only way to save her from disappearing completely is to set her free. And then in that wonderfully painful moment (how much do we love Sandra Oh and her incredible talent?) in the apartment, Cristina turns to Meredith and says “He’s gone. I’m free. :censored2: it.” And it’s so nuanced and so layered and so tragic because she’s relieved and terrified and heartbroken and suffocated all at once. Watching her journey back from this is going to be amazing next season.

George and Izzie and Callie: you all have your opinions, very strong opinions, on how you feel about this love triangle. I’m glad – strong opinions mean you care what happens. In the finale, Izzie’s declaring herself and Callie’s fighting for her rightful territory. That moment when Callie casually lets Izzie know that she’s not only been named Izzie’s boss but that she and George are trying to have a baby is very interesting. Callie’s saying “don’t mess with me” in the only way she knows how. About the baby thing – for the record, I am very strongly against anyone trying to have a baby to save a relationship. It’s crazy because it never works and I highly recommend you don’t do it. Plus it goes against every feminist bone in my body. But it is also human to delude yourself into believing that you’re not having a baby to save your relationship, that instead having a baby is a way of taking your relationship to the next level. And Callie gives that great speech about her hormones and her body. I’ve been there and I know that it is real, this sudden baby rush that happens and, if you are firmly into your career, it freaks you out. Callie’s just being as honest as she knows how to be with George. Because she can’t bring up Izzie again – not when the last time she brought it up, George called Izzie a supermodel thereby suggesting that Callie was, well…not.

George is interesting is this episode. Did you notice that after he looks at his test scores, his entire demeanor changes? How he’s vulnerable in a way that we haven’t seen in a long time? My favorite moments for him are in that scene with Bailey where he says he can’t repeat his intern year over again. He just can’t. And then when that girl in the locker room (Lexie Grey! Lexie Grey!) asks if he has any advice, he says simply “No.” I love that. Because he doesn’t have any answers. He thought he did and then he fails his intern exam and Izzie has to go and tell him she’s in love with him. He has no idea what the future holds. His whole future is one big question.

Alex and Ava. My heart beats for them. How amazing was Ava in those scenes? And Alex…I’ve said before that Alex is Meredith’s mirror and I’m saying it again. He’s too screwed up to give Ava a reason to stay because he doesn’t think he’s good enough. And it’s no coincidence that this scene comes right before the MerDer scene where Derek is asking her, all pained and raw, to put him out of his misery and Meredith is WAY too screwed up to give him an answer. They’re damaged people, Alex and Meredith.

What I love is that for Meredith, Cristina getting married has become this incredibly important thing – this sign – that maybe she and Derek can make it through. That she can be healthy enough to let herself have this, have him. She keeps saying to Cristina “you can do this” and she needs it to be true. She needs it desperately. Meredith, the girl with no family model for how a relationship works, looks to her best friend. So when Burke shuts the whole thing down, Meredith is almost as devastated as Cristina. She does that long walk down the aisle, gets up in front of the wedding guests and tells them it’s over. And she doesn’t just mean the wedding. She means everything she hoped could be true. She means the fairy tale. She means the MerDer of it all. It’s over. It’s so over. Because she no longer believes.

Bailey’s got a lot to contend with next year. She thought she was going to be Chief Resident – she really believed it. After all, the Chief spent the season practically anointing her with Chief Resident oil. But he also spent the season warning her. Because from his own life, he knows what it is to get so caught up in a job that you neglect your family. And he wouldn’t wish that on anyone. That is a lesson Bailey’s not ready to learn – the fact that there may be a choice between family and career isn’t something this generation of women has been raised to believe. It’s not something I’m ready to believe. But, like I said, what the women start to see this season is that maybe they may not necessarily be able to have it all. Because maybe having it all has a price. Is it fair that Bailey has to pay this price? Absolutely not. But isn’t it ironic that Bailey’s got the strong family and (in her mind) a shaky career while Callie’s got the solid career and the shaky family life?

The Chief. Aah, my Chief. I love his full circle journey this season. His wife starts out leaving him and now she’s come back. And Derek hands him back the Chief job. Which opens all sorts of possibilities. Because if he’s going to do it all over again, how will he do it differently? Is it possible for him to have it all? Will he get Adele back if he chooses to stay Chief? I love the wonderful moments with his wife, when they’ve lost the baby and he’s there for her. For me, in the face of the supposed fairy tale playing out with Burke and Cristina, this is what real love is. After years of mistakes and pain and problems, real love is two people standing together, choosing to be together, despite all that has gone wrong. It is very grown-up, the Chief and Adele of it all.

Derek. Poor Derek. He’s done his best to pull Meredith forward. He’s done his best to be in this relationship and help her be in it too. He has tried to be the best man. But it wasn’t enough. He can’t save her. And so in that last moment, when he’s sitting with the Chief, and he tells the Chief that he can’t take the job, it is about so much more than just the job. It is about his belief in himself. I adore the moment in the locker room when he tells Mer that she’s the love of his life. Mainly because Patrick says things like that better than anyone I’ve ever seen. But also because he’s desperately trying to get through to her. And when he says that he can’t leave her, he won’t leave her, because he can’t – it’s sad. And she looks at him and just sort of…freaks out and and he pleads with that one word “Meredith”…it’s all so…the way he puts his head back as they leave the locker room…He can’t be more of a best man. Where he’s going next season is going to be interesting to watch.

Last but not least are Addison and Mark. We don’t see a lot of them in this episode. And for good reason. Their stories were done, finished, earlier. For Addison, there’s a brand new future ahead over at Private Practice (Wednesday nights at 9 pm!). For Mark, he starts fresh over at Grey’s next year. Without Addison. He’ll get to stand on his own and I think you’ll enjoy seeing it.

So that’s it. That was our season. I did my level best to burn it all down this season, to burn it to the ground so that we can have a place to build from next season. Burning it down was hard. But next season…oh, next season is all about the fun and the pain and the new beginnings. Because our interns are going to become residents. Because everyone is single again -- well, there is the little matter of Izzie and George and Callie…but still…

…the future is wide open, people.

Special thanks to Tony Phelan and Joan Rater for writing an excellent finale. And to Shoots With No Script for...well, shooting with a very long script.

Have a good summer.


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Yep I noticed all those things Shaonda talked about, the painted doll, Christina saying she was free at the end, George's change in demeanor after failing the test, Callie's fighting back, Alex and Ava, everything I felt but Shonda put the words to.

I can't wait for next season. I just hope they find a place for George.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> i just finished watching last night's episode. i though it was great. so much tied up & yet so much left hanging.

michael ausiello swear TR knight will be back next season. they've certainly left burke's return wide open.

ava & alex just broke my heart.

burke walking away from the wedding really, really surprised me tho not christina's reaction.

already i can't wait for next season!!!

</span> </span> </span>


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I was shocked by all that happened. I can't wait to see who will return next year, but I wish something good had happened to someone. I guess it did to Callie, but besides that it was all pretty depressing.

It should be repeated tonight.


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Around here the tv guide says they are showing "America's Funniest Home Videos", "National Bingo Night" (!), then "20-20". I'm so glad I taped GA last night so I can watch my tape. :whew:



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> you can also get it on abc.com if you don't use dial up.

</span> </span> </span>
Just finished watching last night's episode. OMG there was sooo much. So much sadness, so many endings, so many things left undone.

Darn Alex, Ava was there, begging for a reason to stay. I wanted to slap him upside the head!

The scenes with Adele and Chief brought tears to my eyes. It is looking like they will get back together. But, if he stays on as chief, maybe not??

Mer/Der, OMG Meredith you have this gorgeous male standing there telling you that you are the love of his life and you flee the room?!?!?! "It's over, it's so over". So sad!

George/Callie, Congrats to Callie for making Chief Resident, but I felt so bad for Bailey. Should be interesting to see what they do with the "love triangle" that is George/Izzie/Callie. I had a feeling he'd be the one to fail his exam.

I hope they show the "Bar guy" and his partner and the babies next season. I just love their characters.

Oh, I just remembered the part when the Chief just listens to Addison long enough to think that Adele had died, not just the baby. His look was so devasting and then soooo relieved.

Cristina, what can I say? I LOOOOOVE Sandra Oh and her acting last night was amazing. Loved how her character has come full circle. Will really be interesting to watch her evolve next season.

As frustrated as I was at times with this season, I do see why they had to "break" down so many story lines to make for some fresh beginnings.

Can't wait till the fall!!


*sigh* I guess Im the only one who misses the old days of GA. I can definitely see where they have put the characters in a darker place. It worked, I was full on depressed at the end of that show! I used to love Izzy...with the whole Denny thing, even liked her alot after he passed, with her compulsive baking and smarmy remarks...but I really wanted to see George and Callie make it and her interfering is getting on my nerves.
And dang it I wanted Alex and Ava to be together in the end. So sue me..I wanted a happy ending! wahhhhh!
When they gave kind of a sneak peek into Addison a few episodes ago, going away (having her own show)...I saw nothing special about that. I liked the chemistry that she and Alex had at one time...even her and Mcsteamy.
oh well, not that I will quit watching, just wanted my happy ending.


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Yeah, I wanted at least a little happiness....
Sometimes I think they want to make things too real and it just gets depressing!