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I find my self in a stooper, every so often, grieivng for what I thought my life was going to be like with healthy, happy children. Obviously none of us signed up to have children with mental ilnesses but,'s just so picking hard. Most days I just roll with it and do it, but some days life just sucks!! I guess I'm just having myself a "pity party" today....Do other feel this way?


We all go through this. Every now and then, just when you think you have put it behind you, the grief will blindside you.



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Absolutely - I feel this way often. It really is the death of a dream that all of us warriors parents have to grieve over. Do not feel guilty, but allow yourself to process it. It is no different than if your child was born with a physical impairment. It is sad sometimes.........than other times we are able to really see why we choose to call them difficult children.
Hang in there...


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I am so sorry. When we started here on this board, our son was 15 and we wanted him "fixed." Now, 7 years later, he is 22 and I don't know if he can be "fixed." I have gone thru the grieving, the anger, the denial (for a long time), and all the other stages. It isn't easy. I'm sorry I don't have great words to comfort you. Some of our kids do make it to adulthood and live a good life.


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{{{Hugs}}} We all go through this. And I think it's a very primal pain we feel as parents. Respect your pain and take some time out to care for yourself.


Here we go again!
Oh yeah, been there done that!

And when I hear my friends complain about things with their easy child's, I just laugh to myself and think "If they only lived a day in my shoes..."

None of us signed up for what we got, I can guarantee you that! But God must have picked us to parent these children for a reason... so I'm going to do the best I can with the hand I've been dealt. Some days are going to be incredibly, terribly hard, and I'll wish I'd never gotten out of bed. And some days will be a like a precious jewel of joy and light.

So if today's your day to throw a pity party, then party on! I'm right there with ya!


what's a pity party without mohitos? 1st round is on me

truthfully you are not alone, this month alone has been a devastating reality check for me.


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Thank you all so much...I am so sorry we are all in the same boat, but I am happy that I found all of you to share these feelings with. You all make this ride a lot easier.



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Ianav.........I just woke up. Would one of your Mohitos be good
for breakfast??? DDD

Sure sounds better than Shredded Wheat!

Or coffee!!!!!!!