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    Now I thought I'd experienced alot since I've gone back to school. But I admit, this one takes the cake. Take home tests are bad enough. But group tests??

    We had a patho tests today over the endocrine disorders. Anyone who's had it (even in anatomy or some such) knows it can be confusing and not so easy to keep straight sometimes. I do ok with the diabetes and thyroid disoders.......but trying to keep those hormones straight and what they do along with the disorders........

    We've got some students struggling in patho. I know a few are simply because they're not studying for exams for one reason or another. (not always just laziness involved)

    But we were stunned today when she lined us up in the back of the room before the test. (keep in mind this is the instructor with the bad rep) Then she called our names into groups of 3. By the 3rd group we'd figured out she was pairing up struggling students with those who weren't having as much problems.

    Then she announced we were taking the exam as groups. We could answer the questions together, hash them out if need be......or whatever. The test was timed, but she didn't tell us how much time we had.

    Sounds pretty great for those who are struggling, huh?

    So I sort of got lucky and got one of the guys and he's not a bad student, but has struggled on the last two exams. (not for lack of studying) And then we got another student who has yet to study for a single exam in patho.........and yeah, her grades show it. She's flunking the class. Nice girl, and I like her, but yeah.

    I've yet to decide if this was a good idea or not. We all had our own answer sheets..........but yeah, from what I heard from other students when she went over the test when we were done.......

    It was not such a good thing. I don't think a single group scored in the 90's. From what I was hearing, most were mid 80's to low 80's and some were in the 70's. (we have to have a 77 to pass)

    This of course is including students who were excelling before.

    So what happened?:faint:

    I only know what happened to our group and what I heard from a few others. I know we hurried thanks to that darn time limit. Then, in my opinion, when you get too many heads together, it messes with the thinking process. If an answer was known, it would be questioned or "reasoned" to death by the others and cause you to 2nd guess yourself. Bad news.

    I'll grant you this was a hard test over some hard material. (probably her reasoning for doing it this way) But still.

    Our group......well we think we got in the mid 80's. Not horrible. But the guy and the girl were apologizing and felt bad that it had given me the worse grade I'd had so far. Although I told them the one's we'd missed I wasn't any more certain of the answer than they were. (true) And to forget about it, no problem.

    Rush me and I'll mess up a test every time. I might not flunk it, but I won't do as well as normal. We were rushing.......and I know I wasn't reading the questions right on some of I could actually think about it. And I have trouble "reasoning" something out with people doing it with me.:tongue:

    I'm not worried about the grade. The weekly tests are only worth 15 percent of the total grade.

    But it was surprising that the rest of the groups were having the exact same issues we did. And that not one did really well on it. I think the instructor will be surprised when she grades them.

    So now I have 2 kinds of tests I hate. Take home and group. Lovely. lol And guess what? Next weeks is a take home. sheesh! I do NOT do well on take home tests.
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    Take home tests can really ruin a weekend or holiday. I have never heard of group tests but they must be awful. Did you have to all put the same answers or could you disagree and include that? Or put what YOU think/know is right and let them put their stuff on their papers?

    The big problem with take home tests is that you end up second guessing yourself and then you spend lots of time verifying every detail. This ends up taking up too much time and you are rushed at the end.

    While I am sure you know this stuff, this website has some basic suggestions:

    Group testing and I would NOT get along.
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    I have done both group and take home test and I learned to actually get through then. I actually like take home tests even though they tend to be much harder because they are open book. What I do is when I take notes, I put the approximate page and chapter sections in my notes so when I am studying them for my test I know just where in the book to go back to if I have a problem on a test that my notes dont cover. Saves my bacon more than once.

    Group tests are a bit trickier. There is usually the slacker who doesnt pull their own weight and then wants to get counted in for the finally grade. Ticks me off. Normally I assign say every 3rd question each person if you have 3 people in the group and have them be responsible for that question. On the sly I would answer all the questions yourself if you are able. Alert the other partner if they would be willing to not tell the slackard. On the day to exchange information, tell the slacker that you will exchange only when he does. I would alert the teachr to what is going on.
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    When I first read this I thought it was crazy to test as a group, but then upon reflection I thought about how things are decided in a medical setting....... usually by a group of medical professionals..... the stronger persuading the less knowledgeable and I would think the quicker the better..... at least that is how it is portrayed on Grey's...... so although it was a tough exercise, it may have been on point for real world experience...... and make you get out there if you think you are right...... wonder if given again in the same groups if you wouldn't see the stronger students speak up and move forward quicker on questions?......
    just askin'.....
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    Good point wmm........I didn't think of it that way. Maybe that's what she was shooting for. And now that you've suggested it........I'm thinking that might be what she was doing.

    As per grades........we each did our own answer sheets. So if I put down a wrong answer it's still my fault. I could've put the right one if I'd known it. Know what I mean? Which is why I told the others not to worry about me being upset over a lower grade than usual. The ones we missed were the toughest, trickiest ones.

    Janet, I don't like group projects. period. I can work with anyone in any work place and have no issues. But when it's my grade on the line.......uh, no thanks, would rather do the work myself. lol

    Unfortunately in nutrition we also have a group project going on. My partners can't even agree on a day/time to meet to figure up which is doing what parts. ugh I'm going to try to pin them down next week.

    I understand the point of group things like this.......problem is that in a school setting they very rarely work the way the instructor intends them to.
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    I was kinda thinking like a bedside HOUSE type of sound it out situation....

    Everyone give an opinion and the group go with the most logical answer?

    OMG this is Mickey Mouse Medical Marvel at it's finest.

    (Isn't there a Patho for Dummies book?) lol

    (Star STILL not going to ER even if her arm is severed) - going to seek out that Nurse Judy gal)