Growing Up is Tough


My difficult child called me this morning because she had locked her keys in her car (again). She was at the courthouse handling a traffic ticket (I refused to just pay it for her). She decided to request a court date and ask for community service.

She called me at work wanting me to leave and use AAA to open her door. I've used my AAA once for her and told her she needed to purchase her own coverage. She didn't want to pay the fee. She just wanted me to add her to my card. Since she has an older car, she would probably use more of the service visits than I would.

I told her I was working on a report and couldn't leave. "But this is an emergency!" Not for me, I said.

I told her to call her dad or her stepmother. Both were working or busy. After begging me to leave again, I asked her if there was a coathanger around. Long story short, she got it open, without having a major meltdown because she was late for her next appointment.

I had to restrain my laughter. But this is progress.


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Laughter is the best medicine!

Good for you, you let her handle her crisis by herself. If we always rescue, they will never learn.


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Good for you!

Life lessons can be tough. This one hopefully taught her that if she'd thought it through instead of panicing she'd had probably come up with the solution on her own and saved some time.

Hopefully she felt a sense of accomplishment by getting the car unlocked, even if you had to tell her a way to do it.

My easy child used to forget her purse all of the time. She'd leave the darn thing everywhere. Once the contents were stolen twice, she finally learned to know where it was at all times. Same with her cell phone. She used to leave it places. She left it here for about the hundredth time and I decided not to say anything to her. Took her a couple of weeks to work up the courage to ask me if I'd seen it. I've noticed that she's gotten better about holding on to it too. lmao


Thanks for your replies. Since she had left her keys on the seat, she ended up being able to hook them on the hanger and pull them through the space at the top of the window. I asked her if she realized anyone else could have done this and stolen her car.

Daisylover, I know what you mean. My difficult child has lost several cell phones and one of the text message things. Since she pays for them herself, it's not a huge issue for me. But what is it about our difficult children and paying attention to things? Their minds are all over the place.

My difficult child keeps insurance on the cell phone. A good thing too since she recently just lost another.