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    difficult child's going to a dance tmrw nite at the middle school! Yes, this is a very big deal for those of you who have followed our year, her in and out of hospitals.

    She heard of it through my stepson and also a friend. I said ask when it is it came to be it's tmrw. night at the middle school. shes' also had a good social week. had 3 outtings in 7 days with this one girl inparticular and another old friend. both similar to her, quiet not very outgoing dont' have alot of friends. yet she's smart and gravitates to what will work for her.

    she said I wanna go! That in itself was great! So tmrw i have to call the guidance counselor to get a ticket, i'm sure they won't give me a problem about it.

    She is excited, has already lined up one girl to meet there. parents get to go also so this is a perfect opportunity that has presented itself to get her feet wet, and around all these kids again with-me by her side to help if needed.

    In the next 2 weeks we'll be facing her back into school. slowly, slowly, guidance counselor in am. for a week, than one class a day etc. till end of year.

    i wanted to share, because its' such a good thing, good exposure, experience for her.. I'm hoping it turns out to be beneficial. It may be rough being asked alot of questions by kids when they see her. yet in reality i think it;s really a great contained sort of situation with me by her side when she needs me to do it.

    seems like so long ago she was in a hospital bed, time flies by and things really do get better.

    wish her luck! here's hoping!! oh i'm just editing this....... we got confirmation parents aren't allowed. hmm hope she still goes.
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    :bigsmile::dance::musicdance::woohoo::you_go_girl:Jena, that is the best news I heard all week. Please make sure you post and let us know all about her night !!!!! Tell her to have a wonderful and fun night !!!! Shelly
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    Aww! That is wonderful news! Good for her!
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    Fingers crossed. Are parents allowed to sit in their cars in the parking lot? Oh...the memories of spending hours in a hot car hoping that the kid was getting along ok. :holymoly: DDD
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    thanks for the well wishes the 3 of you!

    yet i just posted. school fought me hard. i really pleaded a good case yet they wouldn't allow her to go. so needless to say she was quite upset today about that. i pushed hard even talked about modifying night 40 min. in and me in plot waiting district wouldn't go for it.

    flip side is i think my iep wont' be hard to get even though their testing will say how incredibly well she is lol. their very cautious with her after what happened last year.

    i got her thru it yet she was def. very saddened.