Happy Easter



Sorry I just need to vent. This has been the worst holiday in a while. We picked today to do Easter since most of the kids are better. Buster is still sick. This is 3 and 1/2 weeks he has been sick. husband took him to the dr Friday. Dr ordered blood work, but told husband to not take Buster right then because Buster was so tired. Dr told husband the lab would be open after hours on Saturday. husband took Buster to get lab work done and was told the lab closed at 4:00 it was 3:50. But he was told they had all left. He didn't take it well. I'll have to go back (with all the kids) on Monday.

Buster takes medications for seizures. He hasn't had one for about a year and Buster gets to be weaned off it. I was supposed to give him .5ml of medication. I grabbed a different syringe then we normally use and gave him 5ml of medication this morning. Stupid of me. I should've noticed it was way to much. I called poison control and was told he'd probably be ok but I needed to take him to ER. Just to make sure.

I had to go wake husband up because he works nights and sleeps during day. And Buster, Cherub, and I spent a few hours at the ER where they just watched him. While he tried to get into everything. ERs are not baby proof.

When I got back we made the Easter cookies and did eggs. The kids were very excited and mostly behaved great. husband hid the eggs and candy outside. All was going well until bed time when Buster demonstrated he was still sick. I had let him have Easter candy. He hadn't thrown up in 2 days because all his diet consisted of was rice, pedialyte, yogurt, and peaches. The candy was to much. I'm really worried about him. Everyone else is over it.

Thinking back it wasn't a bad day. I'm just really worried about Buster.

Thanks for letting me whine.

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I'm so sorry lil Buster has yet to get over the bug. :( And while he certainly didn't enjoy the candy when it came up again.........I'm sure he at least enjoyed eating it. Poor lil guy. I hope they figure out why it's hanging on to him longer than everyone else.

Glad everyone else is better. But poor you having to deal with all this..........you need it to be done with already. (((hugs)))


Thanks guys. We got the blood drawn today. He did a great job. We won't find out the results until Friday. They are doing a lot of tests.

yes, he did enjoy eating it. And he got the idea about looking for eggs. He was fun to watch and difficult child 1 had to help him find the eggs. That gave all the other kids some chance of finding something.