Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!


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:bow: All Hail Friday :bow:

Well, we made it through another week, just a few hours to go until the weekend officially begins!

Unfortunately, I didn't get my chipped tooth fixed yesterday...I got there and got numb when the sedation patient in the next room needed a little more time and they needed to stay with them a bit longer. I went ahead and had my teeth polished but couldn't wait until the doctor was ready. So, I left with a numbed upper left but my teeth were really clean! I go back Monday.

My cleaing folks come this morning around 10:30. I will be working along side them as The Visit :nonono: is next week!! Gotta get things nice for mom.

Wishng you all a great day, make a good free choice,


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Good Morning,

Sharon-Sorry about the dentist. I'm sure you will have things sparkling for The Visit! I'm with you about being excited it's Friday! Enjoy your day!

The elementary schools have early dismissal today so we can work on report cards. Tomorrow begins spring break! I'm definitely going to get in a workout today after work since I didn't make it yesterday. I'll probably fall alseep early tonight because it's been a long week-unless I squeeze in a nap after school but before the club-we'll see.

Enjoy your Friday-hope you find reason to smile and hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, at least your teeth will be squeaky clean for "The Visit", along with your home.

Sharon 2, yup spring break starts here as well. Enjoy your well deserved break.

It's a rainy day today - of course, I have to head out into downtown traffic on the eve of spring break, for a therapist appointment with wm. Although I should beat the afternoon commute it will start early today - I imagine I will be sitting in a long drive home.

We need the rain, we need the rain, we need the rain - unless I have to head downtown & then it's enough!

Enjoy your Friday - keep it calm. Find some time for yourself & don't forget to always leave your loved ones with loving words.



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Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone. I am so glad it's Friday. Seems like a long week that didn't feel terribly productive.

LDM,too bad about the dentist appointment. but thanks since it reminded me I need to schedule dental appts for all of us. How sweet that you clean harder for mom. I'm sure she will appreciate the clean house and the clean teeth. LOL.

Wiped out, enjoy your spring break. Are you scheduled to go anywhere special through the week?

We had a line of spring storms go through. I swear our area is under a glass bubble. We got some rain but nothing like the surrounding areas. It's supposed to rain for a while but it's a good thing.

difficult child found out his little part time job was just a replacement for one night. :crying: He was pretty disappointed since the dishwashing job is torture.LOL. Seems it's a great motivator to find something better.

easy child is in a whirlwind with all the college talk. Why is it they are interested in the programs or schools that are least appealing to their mother's? LOL. I don't make the decision but somedays I wish I did. Oh well, it's time for him to guide his own boat through the journey of semi adulthood. Still makes me a little apprehensive. He is well prepared for the next step so I have to sit back and let him just do it.

It's a light work out day so I may be able to get some shopping out of the way. Maybe a date night with husband tonight.

Have a fun weekend.


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Good morning!
LDM- Sorry to hear about your tooth not getting fixed. Ugh!
Sharon- Enjoy your "half" day. I imagine the students will be whipped up.
Linda- Drive carefully, I hope the therapist appointment goes well.
Fran- Poor difficult child! That should have been explained to him upfront.
Today is my church's final fish fry for the year. I'll do my usual prep this morning. I plan on staying home this evening as I've been busy the last three evenings. I'm tired!
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Wow! so many notes so early.
difficult child woke up this a.m. with-welts all over. We suspect it's a grass allergy (he slid in the grass a lot last night when we played catch) but it's possible it's from food. I am giving him Claritin, and will send Claritin and Benadryl to school with-a note.
Right now he's milking it for all it's worth and he certainly acts fine (!), except for the itching! Grrr.
I have to take easy child and another carpool kid to school and difficult child is holding me up... as usual.

Have a good day everyone. So sorry about the tooth,Sharon.
Good Morining :coffee:,

Sharon, Sorry you couldn't get your tooth fixed - Hope you have better luck on Monday!!! A clean house is always so nice. Enjoy your day!!! :flower:

Sharon, I hope you get to do your :smile: tonight!!! Hope the weekend goes well and you get caught up on your sleep. :flower:

Linda, I hope the traffic isn't too bad today. Hope the appointment goes well with wm and kt has a "melt-down" free day!!! :flower:

Fran, Sorry to hear that difficult child's part time job didn't last. I'm sure he'll be pounding the pavement ASAP considering how much he loves his dishwashing job!!! Hope easy child makes a wise decision regarding college. I'm sure I'll be having a hard time keeping my mouth shut when that time finally arrives here... But, you're right - It's time for easy child to make decisions for himself. Hope you enjoy your day!!! :flower:

TM, I hope you get caught up on your sleep!!! I hope you have a bit of "ME" time after you finish prepping for the final fish fry before Duckie gets home from school. :flower:

Today, difficult child 2 is in a nasty mood... :grrr: On the positive side, I was able to get him out the door without too much trouble!!! I wish I could send him to school over the weekend!!!

Anyway, I'm going to check on husband's aunt, do a bit of Spring shopping, and stock up on some frozen items that are going on sale today at the grocery store. I have to pick up difficult child 1 after school, and get easy child later on after her after school activities. Other than that, like most of you, tonight, hopefully will be a quiet one...

Hi to anyone who snuck in... WFEN :flower:


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Today is the last day of spring break here! :bravo: :smile:

difficult child and easy child have been fighting for the last 2 days, husband has been really painful, what will summer be like? :hammer:

Oh, that's when mother in law comes to visit. We won't think of that yet.

Have a good day all. :salute:


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G'day, everyone. It's almost 1.30 am, Saturday here. husband & I just got in after a l-o-n-g wedding that ended up at WatersEdge Peir One, right under Sydney Harbour Bridge. Well, almost under. We could still see it out the (full-length picture) window. A fabulous night but we're very tired. We're sorry mother in law had to miss it but we took lots of photos and husband will drop in to the hospital tomorrow to show her. Seafood and champagne. Fabulous. We should be spoiled like that more often.

Two nights ago there was a nasty accident right under the Bridge - a wooden boat full of ice skating people (judges, young champions, former champions) was hit by a River Cat (one of our newer ferries) and turned to matchwood. Three fatalities plus they've been searching for a 13 year old girl (state champion) who surely can't be alive - it's the narrowest point of the Harbour, if she were alive and conscious she could have floated to the edge by now. Outside the window we watched more River Cats go past really fast - I suspect their speed limit is going to be cut back now. We also could see the police boats in the Inner Harbour, the base point for the divers working 24/7 to find this girl. Sad to think about it, especially at a wedding.

Have a good Friday, everyone. I'm off to get some sleep before Saturday gets too much older.



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Hi LittleDudesMom. I hope you'll forgive me for not looking forward to Fridays. My world seems to be in reverse these days. During the week, difficult child is fully invested in school and work, and rarely acts out. It's the weekends that we dread (or school breaks, or summer).

Days with too much free time, like weekends, is when difficult child feels the need to disappear into the void and act out. It isn't until Sunday night, when he's back at home and getting ready for school the next day that we have any relief.


I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and weekend - I'll be looking forward to Sunday night.



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Mikey, I kind of feel the way you do... except now that difficult child does baseball on Saturdays and Sylvan Learning Center on Sundays it's more structured and I'm beginning to have good weekends!