Happy Mom's Day...and just call me grandma (AGAIN)


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I've had a nice Mother's day weekend! Friday Alex came up for the weekend and he had bought me a new purse and a new windchime and made me a card and bought me one. He knows how much I like purses and he picked out a great one!! The cards brought tears to my eyes! Then I saw Justin, who gave me money for gas and he bought me a mother and child diamond necklace! This is the first time they have both gotten me a present and with their own money! Then Justin tells me that his girlfriend is pregnant (again). I refuse to get excited until she is farther along as she lost the last one about this time (1 1/2 months along). I can't get very excited this time. I guess I'm just protecting my heart. That and my detachtment is working so well. I don't let anything he is doing or not doing get to me.

He's been very great to live with and has matured more in the last year than I could have ever imagined and I am so thankful for that. He is just so happy to have this child on the way. I am just letting him live his life, mistakes and all, and loving him unconditionally.

So, just call me grandma (hopefully) around Christmas! And my birthday is Tuesday and I fully intend on enjoying my last birthday in my forties...and I just noticed that in my profile I already had put down I was 49...what was I thinking!!! Won't be that til Tuesday :smile:


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you sound very accepting of your situation and kids. I too decided I am not pullling my hair out about ant (if possible). I give up and he can live his life his way. whatever!

most people would not believe our journey and would faint given a day of it. lol