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    I have been trying to teach my sons his letters with no succes so far (he wants to do it). Despite being in preschool 6 hours a day, everyday and my few attempts... he just guesses or try to find the patern in my questions (ABC, ABC, ABC, so then he repeats ABC but still identify A alone, B alone and C alone). Anyhow, I tried another method today: draw a picture of something familiar (cat, cow...), ask him what it is, then I write the word down. Then I ask him to find the letters of the word and write the word with those letters made of some foam material. After he finds the letters and put them down, I go over it again and then ask him what they are (in different order). For the last word, he did not want me to help him and that little boy was trying SOOOO hard to remember. It looked more painful than giving birth (and I just had a homebirth!lol). I really did think he was focusing for real since it lasted soooo long. Anf then: he did it!! remembered the 3 letters with no mistakes!!! yeah! he can do it :)
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    YAY! Congratulations to you both! What an amazing achievement. :choir:
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    That is awesome! Good work mama!:bravo:
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    Wonderful! Both of you deserve a standing ovation for "not giving up"!


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    Hi Ktllc,
    Yeah!!!! That is a great accomplishment for him and you! Congrats!:winnersmiley:
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    Thank you all! Only husband and you guys can understand what it means for us. If I was to tell that story to anyone else, they would think is dum or maybe I would get the usual "he's young, he's just not ready". Great to have you.